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Students from River Mill and Clackamas River elementary schools share annual holiday writing, culinary advice

COURTESY PHOTO - A Clackamas River Elementary School student painted this turkey.

Every fall, the Estacada News asks local elementary school students for their take on how to cook a turkey, and this year the Thanksgiving birds also had something to say. Along with holiday culinary advice from students at River Mill and Clackamas River elementary schools, we've also printed poems from the perspective of the turkeys, written by Kari Hulsey's class at Clackamas River Elementary School.

Whether you plan to plan to enjoy a turkey dinner or are one of the vegetarians that so many of the birds seem to appreciate, happy Thanksgiving from the staff of the Estacada News.

The first thing you do is to cook a turkey is you sit it down and have a chat with him. (His name is usually Lurk.) Then you ask him if he wants to go in the oven (he usually tries it out, sometimes heh heh). If he goes in you have to bake him for at least 4 hours just so you know he won't attack you for putting him in the oven. When your done you pluck and get all the gross stuff out, of course. Then you have your family and friends over to eat him. Finally, you throw the cacas outside for the coyotes to demolish him. And then you know you've had a good friendship with your turkey.

Dane Carpenter

Delish the Turkey

Grumpy, perturbed, FAT

Wishes to go to Arizona

Wants to meet VEGAN Garfield

Who wonders why do people like cooked carrots while eating me?

Who fears stuffing and ovens! Yikes!

Who likes ALF (he eats cats not turkeys)

Who plans to initiate a TURKEY


Who will always annoy the farmer!

Happy anti-turkey day!

AnnEstelle N.

First, go to the store and find a turkey of one or two pounds. Tip if you get a two pound turkey do the temperature steps double of what I give you. When you go to the store also get some cooking spray and a big pan.

Next, go home and preheat the oven to 165 degrees fahrenheit. Once you have sprayed the pan and the oven is up to 165 put the turkey in the pan and then put it in the oven.

Then, if you have a one pound turkey make sure you have a timer set for 20 minutes (2 p 40 min 165 d f). When the turkey comes out you should make sure with a thermometer that turkey is up to 160 (temp).

Finally, when the turkey is done let the turkey out of the oven and let it sit on the counter up to 30-40 minutes. Once the turkey is cooled o


Samantha R. Gokey

First, buy it from Harvest Market. It should be medium weight for a family of 7. If you want left-overs get another one. If it's for one person get a small one. Next, take it home and get a cutting board. Put the turkey on the cutting board and open it up with scissors. Then, get 1 person, or 3 to help you pick it up. Get 1 other person to take the plastic out from under the turkey. Next, put plastic in the garbage, open oven and get a pan. Put turkey and pan in oven. Cook for four hours and wait for it t obe done. When it is done, take it out and set it on counter. Then get plates, forks, and knives. Put turkey on plate on the table and then eat it.

Aiden M.

First bay a turkry at a store then cut the bag with a nice nelx put the turkey in the ovin to making it go for 20 min. Finalle you can eat it.

Ariana T.

First, go to fred Miyers and buy a turkey. Opin The packig with a banana. Then, Eat The banana for energy to cook the turkey. Then, put it in the hot oven for 160 degrees and in for 24 hours. Then, cut it with a banana. Finally, eat it with a bone.

Colby D.

First, get a turkey from the stror. Next, open the package tak the turkey and put it big roasting pan. Then, put barbecue sauce. Finally put it into the ovin for 200 seconds.

Damien A.

Gary the Turkey

Fat, scared, nervous

Wishes to go to Iceland and live well

Wants to live on farm & get really far

Who wonders why we eat turkey?

Who fears a 350 degree oven!

Who likes freedom!

Who plans to cancel Thanksgiving immediately!

Who will go on a diet so I am no chosen!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Fat, scared, nervous, frightful

Wishes to fly away to Yellowstone.

Wants to be super skinny

Who fears a shotgun!

Who likes vegetarians!

Who plans to buy a ticket to Mount Everest.

Who will always be on a big diet!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bryden F.

First, go into the woods and find a turkey and pick it up by the legs. Next put the turkey in a hunting bag and bring it back to youre kitchen. Next bake it for two hours and thirty five dagreas. Then put it in the oven and cook it and when it is cooled of put five lemons in the turkey and eat it.

Hailey W.

By it from the stor. First, you unwrape the turkey and take out the neck and other stuff from the inside. Next, you put spices on the turkey. Then you put it in the borBBQ. Finally you eat it.


First, we get a turkey at the store. Nextm put barbeque sauce on it. Then, we put it in the oven to cook. Finally, you take it out of the oven to cool down and you eat it.

Jacob M.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Scared, plump, nervous

Wishes to go to Pizza Hut!

Wnts to go to Honolulu!

Who wonders why turkeys are dinner?

Who fears being cooked up in a fat white

thing they call an oven

Who likes not being eaten!

Who plans to get out of this place!

Who will always go to a different place far away from here!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Rileigh J.

Tommy the Turkey

Toast, Fat, Roasted

Wishes to fly to Antarctica forever!

Wants to eat hunters!

Who wonders why we eat turkey every year?

Who fears shotgun!

Who likes the my on your side.

Who plans to eat the people instead!

Who will always eat a salad over meat!

Gappy non-Thanksgiving day everyone!

Damian T.H.

First, step one is to heat up turkey in oven to 97 degrees and stop at 50. Next, step 2. Leave it for an hour. Last step you get the picture. Thne eat it.

Jeremy C.

First, you need spices. Then, I need a turkey from the store. Then I put it in the oven. Finally, you take it out and put it on the table. Then, you eat it.

Julian D.

Buy a turkey at fred mier. Buy sum bred at fred mier. Cook the bred. Garlik the toast. Then cut the garlikd toast in to half inch squars. Stuf the turkey with crutons. Cook the turkey in the oven. Set it to 255 degrees ceiseis. Take it out of the oven 2 hours 5 mins laitr. Get forks and plaets. Finlly put the turkey on a plate and eat it.

Julien M.

Fat, scared, freeeee

Wishes to fly to the ice cream island

Wants to find an island of turkeys

Who wonders why do people eat turkeys?

Who fears being plucked!

Who likes to live!

Who plans to escape ASAP!

Who always won't eat turkeys!

Happy Thanksgiving

Ryder B.

Terrified, nervous, plump

Wishes to run away to a vegetation kingdom!

Wants to live on old man Garry's vegetarian farm!

Wonders why we eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

Who fears a very hot oven!

Who likes to live!

Who plans to go to Hawaii!

Who will always be on a diet!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth A.

No Thanksgiving Turkey

I wish to run away to a place where

there are vegetarians!

Who fears chicken nuggets!

Who likes having a body instead of burnt skin!

Who plans to eat all the humans when they are sound asleep!

Who will always go on a diet so I don't get eaten!

Happy don't eat a turkey day!

Emma A.

First, you go to fred miuers and buy a turkey. Next, you go home and tern on you'r ovin for 60 mind. Then, you pot the turkey in the ovin, then you tac the turkey out of the ovin. Finalls, you cur the turkay and pot it on a plat and uas a forc and nife.


First, go to the forest, Next, you put spices on it. Then,cook it in hot oven. Finally, take it out. Then let it cool. Finally, eat it.

Kaicen P.

First, go to the groshrey stor and buy a turkey. Next, tack it out of the bag with some scissors. Then, put it in the oven for a hour. Finally, let it cool for 10 mins and now you can eat it.

Lillian P.

Joe Turkey

Sacred, Fat, Plump

Wishes to fly to Antarctica!

Wants to find a wife!

Who wonders why we eat turkey?

Who fears a 400 degree oven!

Who likes to play turkey

Who plans to hide in a tree on Thanksgiving!

Who will always eat pie instead.

Who will fly to an island without turkeys!

Happy Thanksgiving

By J.C.

Turkey are not dinner!

Plump, terrified, and in a conunftum

Wishes to fly to a kind vegen's house

Wants to be your favorite pet, not favorite dinner.

Who wonders why these crazy people eat turkeys!

Who fears Thanksgiving dinner

Who likes vegans

Who plans to cancel Thanksgiving forever!

Who will always hate people and

Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy cancelling Thanksgiving Day!

Haley S.

The not so Grand Turkey Dinner

Horrified, Plump, Garrulous, Scared

Wishes to fly away to the beautiful

Magnificent Veggie Town

(Turkeys' can not really fly, that is why it is a wish!)

Wants to eat all living and dead humans!

(maybe I will leave the vegetarians).

Who wonders why people like turkeys and not chickens?

(Seriously chickens taste much better).

Who fears a sharp fork and a knife!

Who likes a meat free world

(I think that there is such a thing as a vegetable hamburger!)

Who plans to destroy Thanksgiving dinner!

(Well, if I get out of the burning hot oven in time!)

Who will always hibernate on Thanksgiving like a bear in winter!

(Hopefully I might be eaten by that bear!)

Who wants to make a vegetarian day instead of Thanksgiving!

(Man, a day that people say, "turkey bad vegetables good! Yes please!"

Happy "bad" Thanksgiving!

Claire F.

First, you go to the closest store. When you get home put any spices on the turkey. Then, put the turkey in the barbaque or the oven and put the oven or the barbeque on 90 degrees. Next, you eat it. Last, you clean it up or you save it for left overs.


First, you buy a turkey frum the stor. Next, you un rap it with a nife then you poot the turkey in the oven for 45 minutes at 99 degrees. Finally, you poot the sauce on and let it cool down and eat it.

Parker V.

First, I buy the turkey and buy spices. Next, I put spices on the turkey. Then, put it in the hot stove. And when it is cooled off you put it on the plate. Let it cool off.

RyLei K.

First, you go to fred miuers and buy a turkey. Next, you go home and tern on yo'r uvin for 60 mins then you pot the turkey in the uvin. Then, you tac the turkey out of the uvin. Finaally, you cut the turkey and pot it on a plat and uos a forc and nife.


First, get a turkey. Next, cook the turkey at home in the hot oven. Then, take it out of the oven. Eat it.


First, buy a turkey from Cosco and take the turkey out of the pakis and rose sisrs. Next, put sum spices you wont to pot on the turkey. Finally, pot the turkey in a hot oven and pot the turkey in the hotoven for 60 minits about 60 mimits then take the turkey uoot ave the oven lent it cool dowe then ent yore turkey.

Sophia A.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Scared, fat, plump

Wishes to fly to Asia

Wants to be free & roaming

Who wonders why do they hunt me?

Who fears the 360 degrees oven!

Who likes not getting shot!

Who plans a trip to Hawaii evey soon!

Who will always be kind to vegans!

Who REALLY likes, not getting eaten!


Zander H.

COURTESY PHOTO - Clackamas River Elementary School student Braydden painted this turkey dinner.

Dinner turkey

Fat, scared, nervous,

Wishes to fly away to ice cream land,

Wants to become very skinny

Who wonders why people are so cruel to us turkeys?

Who fears people, oven mitts, & ovens!

Who likes having feathers!

Who plans to run away from the muffin man!

Who will always NOT eat all fo us turkeys!

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turkey

Scared, plump, in a conundrum

Wants to hide and run in a drum!

Wants to eat people and make them dumb.

Why are turkeys so dumb and plump?

Who fears getting plump?

Who plans to get skinny for Thanksgiving?

I do!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Makenzie A.

First, kill a turkey with a gun. Then, take it home. Then, cut the fet. Finally cook the turkey in a uven and cook for 60 minutes. And wen the turkey is dun poot sos on the turkey and injoe it.


Hello today I'm going to tell you how to make a turkey. First you will need a turkey. Thenyou will need to pre-heat the oven to 100 degrees. Next coat it in butter. Last season it. Finally you put it in the oven for 6 hours. Then when it is done eat it.

Maci R.First, gather 1 knife, a juicer, a turkey, a baster a pan. Preheat the oven to 450 ewal your waiting rub the turkey in seasoning when the oven is done heating poot the turkey in the pan then poot the pan and the turkey in the oven Let the turkey sit for about 5 houts wons it's done enjoy eating it.


First you need to poot it on the uvin and you need sum stuf on it. And thare helthea for you. My mom is going to teach me how to make a turkey. The las part you need to cut it and the vary las part you need to eat it. I hop you ingooe the turkey. And you need to shar a turkey and samtim you can eat the turkey buy yourself when you dont have enody.

Levi L.

Springfield turkey

Mad, sad, scared

Wishes to fly to Arizona

Wants to go and get friends to protect me!

Who wonders why do people eat turkeys?

Who fears axes and getting my head chopped off!

Who likes vegetarians? I do.

Who plans to eat stuffing.

Who will always go on a diet!

Happy Thanksgiving yay!

Ava E.

Thanksgiving turkey

Scared, plump, shivering

Wishes to fly to the land of vegans!

Wants to live forever.

Who wonders why we don't just eat vegetables?

Who fears a 360 degree oven!

Who likes to eat potatoes!

Who plans to run away!

Who will always hide around Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Callie H.

Thanksgiving non-turkey dinner

Plump, scared, nervous!

Wishes to go on an island of vegetarians!

Wants to be free and eat all the corn in the world!

Who wonders why do people eat meat?

Who fears being eaten?

Who likes corn?

Who plans to get a husband and then eat him?

Who will always hide from hunters!

Happy non-turkey eating day!

IvyMarie W.

First, you will need a turkey. Next you will need to turn on the oven to 5 degress. Then you will need stuffing. Last but lest you will need pepper. Last you will need to eat it. The end.

Naevian a.

I am going to tell you how to cook a turkey. First you get a baster and pan also set the oven to 350 degrees and a knife a juicer stuffing, and take it out, and enjoy happy thanksgiving.

Kane T.

First you need a turkey. Next you basting pan. Then you chop its hed off. Nest you need to tack its fethers. In then you cook it. That is how to make a turkey.

Atrey U.R.

I am gowing to show you how to bak a turkey. First, you need a baster to scwes joos on the turkey at the end. Next, you need a oven on the reit temerature. Then, get dressing to pout the turkey in the oven to cook. Wen it is doen poet the dresing on the turkey get mach ptatos. Haev a neis Thanksgiving and Happy eating our turkey.

Kyera T.

Hi I'm teching how to make a turkey. First you need a turkey thean you prehet the oven then you put the turkey in the oven Nest you can put the antenche on it and juice. Then you can put stuffing in it you can put cranberry saus. In joy.

Emmett D-S

First I get a pan Then you get the turkey you bet the turkey on the pan Then you bet the turkey in the oven Then you wet for a cobo of hours Nest you get the turky our of the oven lass you get the stuffing Then you get a knife Then you cut it Then you get plates Then you have a great Thanksgiving!

Alex B.

First, you get a pan, and put a turkey Next put it in the ovin. Finally Let the ivin. Finally 10 bugres it out a toping and ingowyey.

Ezra B.

Football turkey

Happy, fat, tasty.

Wishes to be tasty.

Wants to be a football player.

Who wonders why can't we just eat chicken for Thanksgiving?

Who fears being eaten!

Who likes feathers, especially my own!

Who plans to take over the world.

Happy Thanksgiving


The Great Turkey Boycott

Terrified, way too fat, stressed out of my feathers!

Wishes to waddle away to the very Veggie Town,

Where the vegetarians lurk…

Wants to create world peace for turkeys, not humans

(well, maybe a couple of veggie lovers, meat haters).

Who wonders why we don't eat more chickens?

Anyone? Anyone?

Who fears the smokehouse! You know, the big chop, chop bye bye turkey place?

Who kind of likes being alive, and maybe just maybe some breathing! Just me?

Who plans to escape to turkey worshippers?

My feathery friend Bobby Boe Beep did that one, he

Tells me they feed him humans everyday!

Who will always- and I men always - skip

Thanksgiving? Seriously no one?

Also, can we please just quit the whole stuffing the turkey thing?

I hear its very uncomfortable. Yikea!

Happy Vegetarians Only Day!

Ren S.

Stuffed up, Terrified, Scared

Wishes to be in vegetarian land with me as the turkey queen

Who wonders why they eat a turkey? Why can't we

Switch it? We eat people for Thanksgiving, it will be a real treat.

Who fears running around till you are finally caught and plucked!

Who also fears the oven, hot like a desert!

Who also fears being eaten!

Who likes being a free animal.

Who plans to hide in a tree to not get caught by a hawk!

Can we drop the whole eating turkey for Thanksgiving thing? Come on people!

Happy "no turkey for you this Thanksgiving"


This is Andrea turkey. First what you ned is a turkey. Next what you ned is seasoning. Then you ned to pat the seasoning on the turkey. Last you ned a pan to pat the turkey on. Finally you turn on the oven. After you pot the turkey in the oven after you take it out of the oven then you eat it in joy. That how you make a turkey.

Andrea C.

First, git a turkey and a baster and a knife and you will need a oven and. Next, and seasoning preheat the oven to 100 degress put the turkey in the oven for 6 hours. Last git the turkey out vo the oven it enjoy the turkey hav a good thanksgiving!

Nick H.

First, you git a trkey len you ges the ban pt the trkey in the pan lan the teocgr shd, Be at leoodges fur in hit. Tak the trkey aytur the uvi at 3:30. Ten tak the trky ayt and sesin and intel you lek it is dun sising it. I hop you lic the trkey.

Amethyst C.

Hi to bay it's turkey cooking time. Frist ingrediaents 1 turkey 2 baster 3 stuffing 5 basting brush 6 pan. Nixt poot the rite tempucher 150 bugrees. After that poot it in the oven and cook it for adawt 5 awers. Last eat it!!

Savannah S.

I am going to tell you how to cook a turkey. First, you need to buy a turkey. Next, you need to turn the oven on. Then, you put it in the oven. Last, you take it out of the oven. Finally, you put seasoning on it. That is how you cook a turkey.

Payson J.

I am goeing to tell you how to cook a turkey.First you need a turkey. Next you need to set the oven to 60 degrees. Then win it is dun you can put sot and pepyr on it. Last you aet it.

Ellie M.

Garry the turkey!

Big Garry wishes to go away on a boat full of vegetarians.

Garry wants to go find a loving family to be a pet.

Who wonders why we can't eat chicken instead on Thanksgiving?

Who fears the chef!

Who plans to disguise himself as a peacock.

Who likes to live!

Who will always eat chicken!

Happy "not eating turkey" day!

Alexis H.

Turkey dinner

Scared, fat and nervous

Wishes to go to an island of vegetarian-only people.

Wants to be like Garfield - fat but not eaten!

Who wonders why people are so cruel?

(I never did anything to them).

Who fears 22's!

Who likes vegetarians!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Olivia G.

First you need to sat your oven temperature. Next you need to git yore turkey. Then you need tos it yoe are bins. You finally you haf to eat yore turkey. And you hef to git yory nif and cut it.

Izabelle B.

COURTESY PHOTO - Clackamas River Elementary School student Claire drew this turkey.

First, git a thanksgiving a baister and knife and you will neeed a oven and next you need a turkey and you need a temperature. Then yole need to wat for six awrs and you need and finally you need a turn last edit!

Noah D.

First, I biy the turkey. Next, you go home. Then, you cook it. 4th, you surv it. Finyynl, you eat it!!


First, you buy a turkey. Next, you put in a oven or grill. Then, you sett the time. Finally, you wait till it's done and you take it out. Last, you put the turkey on plates and eat it.


First, I git the stuf. Next, I wot the coo the turkey me gramo lets me cook it then I singing Crismis song with me. Finally we et the turky the end.


It's Turkey Time

Fat, scared, nervous.

Wishes to have everyone be vegetarian!

Wants to actually live!

Who wonders why not eat ice cream?

Who fears a hot oven!

Who likes really living!

Who plans to eat all of the humans!

Who will always, ALWAYS be vegetarian!

Happy Thanksgiving!


First, you have to buy a tarkey. Next, you gety a pan. Then, you put sugar if you went. Asowey, you put a oven greeys on. Sowey, you turn on yore oven, Last, you put the tarkey in your oven. Finley, you tack your tarkey ont and ent your tarkey. That is how you cook a tarkey.

Alice R.

First we go to the stor. Next we go home and then put it in the uvinI wod tak the turkey out of the ovin then we put or turkey on the table.


First, you git the turkey from the store. Next, you cleen the turkey. Then, you need a pan and a knife. You also need to git the turkey in the pan and rost the turkey and you need to set the timer. Finally, wuns you cook the turkey with the knife we collected slise the turkey for sharing. Now you know how to cook a turkey.


First, you have to go to the stor and by the turkey. Then, you tack the turkey and you put it in the frij. Next, you tack it out of the frij and put it on the pan. Alsow, you sometimes put salte and butter and sometimes if you want to make it spicy you just put peper on it. Then, you tack it out of the pan and cut it up. Finallt, the best part you get to eat the jasy turkey meal that was the best part about it.

Belle Jerome

First you get turkey and then you need a crockpot. Tren you put it in the crokpot. Next you cool it for 5 hors. Then you use a thnamtre. Next you get a plat. Then you add seains. Flaley you eat it. Happy thanksgiving


First, buy a turkey. Next, cook the turkey. Then, leave the turkey to cook wen the turkey is ready take the turkey out of the place you cooked it Last, git the turkey ready for thacksgiveing or the thing you got it for. Finly, you end just kidding it's not the end ok it's not the end but I'm runing out of space.


First, get the turkey at Costco and you solde get two in case. Second bring it home. Next, per heat the oven to 350 degrees so it well cook good. Then, when you put the turkey in the oven when it is ready put the turkey in a pan you might want to put a seasoning on it. Take it out of the oven after it is reddy put it over the sike to skin and put it on a plater and eat it! That is how you cook a turkey.


First yow haf to git the turkey Next you haf to get the plate Then qw qous put the sosin it then we put it into sow we finally we cut it and we haf to put the sos into cook.


1. First get your bread crumbs, celery and carrots in a bowl and mix. Now we have our stuffing.

2. Get your turkey, put it in a bowl and brush olive oil and butter on it.

3. Get rosemary, sage and thyme and rub it on the turkey.

4. Stuff the turkey with the stuff in it and put it in the oven and cook at the temp of 300 degrees and leave it in for 4 hours.

5. When the turkeys cooking get the sauce pan and saute the cranberries.

6. Take the turkey out and put it on a nice plate. If it doesn't look like this, you failed.


Did you ever make a turkey I have not heres how I think you make one

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 450 degrees

Step 2: Take out contents from inside the turkey

(If the oven is not ready wash hands and have a dance party)

Step 3: When the oven is ready put the turkey in the oven for about an hour.

Step 4: When the turkey is ready put butter, thyme and garlic

Step 5: cut the turkey!

Bon appetit!!!


Turkey dinner

Scared, plump nervous.

Wishes to fly to Antarctica to live in peace.

Wants to be left alone by people

Who wonders why can't people eat fish?

Who fears a 350 degree oven.

Who likes being freed.

Who plans to ask people to eat fish instead of me!

Who will always hibernate for the winter.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pheobe B.

Fat, sad, scared

Wishes to be a basketball instead.

Wants to fly away somewhere warm.

Who wants to et me?

Who fears the muffin man!

Who like trees.

Who plns to eat fish every day!

Who will run away, far way!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Reid B.

The first thing you do to cook a turkey is to take all the contents out of the turkey. Then you seat the oven for about 250 degrees. Now you rub some butter on the skin of the turkey. Why that is happening you can get your oil and pore a littel bit of that in a roasting pan. After your turkey is warm enough you can rub just a littol more butter on the turkey and seat the turkey in the pan with your oil in it. Now is the time to pute your sage, thyme, rosemary and pepper on your turkey. After that is done add some chicken broth on both sides of the pan. Then add the bread croms, carots and cranberry sauce to the turkey. Now it is time to pute you turkey in the oven for about two hours. After that is done sques some lemon on your turkey and ther you go!

Joie Smith

First you need gray, and a littel bit of salt and peper and then you put the gravy and buter inside the turkey then you put some of the salt and peper around the turkey and then you want to put the oven to 350 fairingite you wate 30 minutes and then you take the terkey out of the oven and yhen you put gravy inside the turkey and thats how you cook turkey


First, you need to set the oven for 400 degrees. We will get back to that. Next get the turkey and take the contents out. Then when the oven is at 400 put the turkey in When its done take it out. Finally put stuffing around it when get ready to eat.


First you need a turkey. Your going to want to put seasoning on it. And a baster then you want a roasting pan. And some olive oil and stuffing. Last you put it in the oven for 1 hour at 350 degrees.

Devin Duke

Put the stufing in the turkey and then you put the turkey in the ovin then you put the ovin on 350 degrees then you can startt a timer then wate. When the turkey is done you can cut it up and eat it off the Bone.

Kylee E.

First buy turky. Then make juices. Next, grab a tub and with the tub add the juices to it. Then, put it trigger or oven and put it on a plate. Invite pepole and eat.


I am going to teach you how to cook a turkey. First, you put the turkey on a plate then, you cuat the turkey in butter and then some garlic powder some salt and pepper. A sprinkle of sugar and for spice, kian peper. Then, cook the turkey. After that, put a dolup of cranberry souse on and a leet of selantro and Bonapeteet. Yummy yummy.


1. First put your turkey on a cutting board and put rubber gloves on (this is opitional)

2. Cover your turkey in olive oil or any liquid of your choice

3. Mix together salt, pepper, rosemary, a pinch of paprika, cumin and lowrys seasoning salt. Then rub it all over your turkey

4. Once your turkey is completely seasoned slide it into the paper bag and staple it shut (have someone assist you with this part so you dont drop the turkey!)

5. Put your turkey in the oven at 250 degrees for 2 1/2 hours

6. While your turkey is cooking get started on your stuffing. You'll need a bowl, a spoon and your ingredients.

7. Mix your bread crumbs and gciek broth, your bread crumbs should be moise. Put that aside

8. Now chop your carrots and celery (cut cranberries if needed)

9. Mix all your stuffing ingredients and bake

10. Once you have all the food all you need is the people sit down and enjoy!


First thing you need to do is put your turkey in the roasting pan and use your basting brush to glaze your turkey with butter.

Next, you misck thyme, sage, rosemary, sale and pepper and then use your basting brush to spred it on your turkey.

Then you put i together celory, carrets, patatos, butter, bread croms, and garlic and then micse together. Then stuff your turkey.

Last you preheat the oven to 350 degrees then put your turkey in the oven for 2 hours. Ones it is done pole out the stuffing and put it in to a sepret bole and glaze your turkey with butter onces agein and then you are ready to serve. Bon appetit!


1. Materials: Turkey baster, oven, thermometer, gloves, roasting pan, fork, plate, knive.

2. Ingredients: Rosemary, gravy, pepper, salt, Johny's seasoning, sage, paprica, seasoning, stuffing.

3. Things you eat with turkey: Mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, granverry sauce.

4. Do you know how to cook a turkey it's not super hard granted it stays in the oven for like 5-6 hours, and the temperature needs to be about 530 degrees. Here are the materials you need; Turkey baster, oven, rubber gloves, thermometer, roasting pan, fork, plate, knife. Also here are the ingredients you need, rosemary, gravy, pepper, salt, Johnys seasoning, sage, paprica, seasoning, and stuffing. These are some things that are good with turkey. Mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

Piper Coy

Materials: Oven mits, oven, roasting pan, basting brush, turkey batter

Make sure to clean the turkey.

Ingredients: Caner es alda sause, stuffing, hot sauce, gravy, seasoning, sage ,salsa, butter, pepper, salsa, carrots, bread, crutons, nuts

First thing I do is clean the turkey under water, then put it in the oven on 4.50 and then it preheats and then you would do what you would do and then put it on 2-3 hours (that what I do) Next, you can baste it with a basting brush if you any more seasoning on you turkey if you'd like.

Last, you serve it.

Maleah Lopez

Number 1: Geting stuffing redy first you need stuffing you can use tomatos, selrey or uther sutf to add to your stuffing than mix it together than finly cook it then set it asid for later.

Numer 2: Put on your Jesneins to the turkey yhan butter it than put it in the ovin wrapped in tinfoil check with thermometer also cook at 800 degrees for 12 hours.

Number 3 Take out of the ovin and put on your peper, craey and salt than your dun.

Pulee Price

The materials you need are a thermometer and a roasting pan.

The ingredients you need are butter, bread crums (stuffing), salt and pepper;

Next you will need to preheat the oven to about 350 degrees and then puy nuyyrt on the turkey to keep it moist in the oven. The time you need to keep it in the oven is 2 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes.

Finally you can add salt, pepper, soy sauce and bbq! And that's how you cook a turkey.


1. Pre-heat oven to 400 decrase

2. While oven is heating up pre-pair the turkey

3. Put stuffing in turkey and put it to side

4. Get your bowl out put olvie oil in bowl with your seasoning mix with wisk.

5. When oven is ready cook for 2 hours and check on it time to time

6. And when ready cut it up


1. Put your turkey in the roasting pan

2. Season it

3. Start baking the turkey for 1 hour and a half but take it out every 30 mins.

4. Then garnish it

5. The bon-appetit

6. Now you have to worry about the best of the food…..


Step 1: Grab your serving spoon and grab your turkey

Step 2: Use the serving spoon to get out the contents of the turkey.

Step 3: Bake oven to 400 degrees/preheat it to 400 degrees

Step 4: Grab a pinch of rosemary, sage, and thyme

Step 5: Sprinkle them all around the turkey

Step 6: Once the oven is done preheating, put the turkey in the oven for 2-3 hours

Step 7: Pull out the turkey when done, and enjoy


1. Shake some salt and pepper onto turkey

2. Spread butter all over turkey

3. Spread olive oil over the turkey

4. Shake some thyme and sage onto turkry

5. Place the turkey in a 106 degree oven for 1 hour


1. You put the turkey in a roasting pan.

2. You put the oil over the turkey.

3. Then you put bread crumbs on it.

4. You put pepper, sea salt, garlic and sage on the turkey.

5. Then you preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

6. Then you put tinfoil on the turkey and put it in the oven for 3 in a half hours.

7. After it is done you let in sit with the tin foil is still on fo 10 minutes

8. Then you take your baster and take the oil from the bottom of the pan and put it on the turkey.

That is how you make a turkey

Layla Abbott

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