Yesterday's Headlines


It was announced that post office customers in downtown Estacada would be offered free service.

Customers who were entitled to free box service were going to be offered individual free-standing boxes in a location to be determined along already existing postal routes.

The city and post office, however, still had to work out the logistics of that arrangement.


The city of Estacada filed a formal complaint against the building of a stage at Timber Park that was blown down by winds on Dec. 3.

City Manager Shelly Jones filed the complaints with the state Building Codes Agency and the Oregon Construction Contractors Board. Jones said the city would attempt to recover a $10,000 builders bond from the contractor, and maintained that work on the stage wasn’t done as called for by a building inspector.

The complaint included allegations of falsification of a contractor's license, improper workmanship and use of unskilled labor.

Jones said the contractor didn’t have a builder's license when the stage was built, even though the city specified to county officials who issued the building permit that one was required for the project.

The city was also seeking money to replace 100 feet of chain link fence that was crushed by the stage as it collapsed.

In other news. Brent Dodrill returned from Colorado to become pastor at Estacada First Baptist Church. He was already familiar with the area, and had spent most of the 1980s pastoring a youth group at Estacada First Baptist. About 20 years later, in 2012, Dodrill would be elected mayor after serving on the City Council.


Four Estacada tavern and lounge employees surrendered themselves at the Clackamas County Jail where they were booked on charges stemming from an Aug. 24 gambling raid. They were cited for one count each of possession of a slot machine and promotion of gambling.

An investigation was launched by the district attorney’s office after receiving numerous complaints that gambling in Estacada was widespread and flagrant. Search warrants were then obtained to retrieve gambling records and other evidence.