1994: California radio station reunites Eagle Creek man with childhood friend


President Richard Nixon declared 17 Western Oregon counties “disaster areas” due to flooding on Friday, Jan. 25, 1974.

Clackamas County was one of them. Oregon public and private sector flood damage totaled at least $58 million. Federal assistance was made available to flood victims.


The Estacada School District was considering offering kindergarten classes.

“The absence of a kindergarten program places Estacada in the backwaters of educational reform movements under way throughout the country,” read a report prepared by the Eagle Creek Kindergarten Committee.

The committee urged the district to adopt a kindergarten program immediately, rather than wait until 1989 when kindergarten programs would be mandated by the state.

by: ARCHIVE PHOTO - 1994: Judy and Jeff Griffin pose for the camera. Jeff's childhood friend called a California radio station to try to find him. The station called numerous Estacada businesses to track him down, after learning his mom, Judy, worked at an Estacada restaurant.


On Jan. 19, a California radio station devoted a show to reuniting old relatives and friends.

One caller was 21-year-old Troy Saxon of Goleta, Calif.

He was trying to find his old friend Jeff Griffin, who he hadn’t seen since they were both 13 in 1986.

Where was Jeff?

Eventually the station learned that Jeff’s mom, Judy Griffin, was working in an Estacada restaurant.

The disc jockeys called numerous Estacada businesses before learning that Judy had been working at LB’s Restaurant.

The station got her number and left her a voice message.

“At first I thought it was a joke, so being the protective mother I am I decided to call. About the same time I also remembered the name of Troy Saxon. He was a nice boy, very well mannered, yes ma’am, no ma’am and that. Anyway, I called and sure enough it was the same person,” Judy said.

When Jeff got home he called Saxon.

“It was great hearing his voice. For four years I thought he was dead. So I was really surprised. We talked about an hour. I found out he’s married and has one child with another on the way and is working as a security guard for a college in Montecito near Santa Barbara,” Jeff said.

Meanwhile, Jeff was going to school at West Coast Training in Milwaukie.

Jeff and Judy had moved to the area because of the school and Judy’s close friend who lived in Eagle Creek.


Clackamas County District Attorney John Foote and Sheriff Pat Detloff discussed the badness of bad checks during a Chamber Lunch.

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