Two decades earlier, Debbie Copher and Mollie Shibley were honored for their academic achievements

ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1977,  Debbie Copher was named Estacada high School valedictorian, and Mollie Shibley was salutatorian.


Chairman of the Committee in Support of Good Education Kenneth A. Eaden wrote a letter to the editor in support of school board candidates June Simonsen and Loren Bowman. He found that Simonsen seemed "to have a sincere interest in children and education," and Bowman was the only candidate who attended the recent high school budget hearing. "He is definitely interested in children and education," Eaden wrote. "In our opinion, a school board member should be a person with strong convictions and the will to back them up," he concluded. "A school board is one of the most powerful government agencies in our governmental setup. It is extremely important to elect the individuals to represent us in the way we should be represented and governed educationally."


Debbie Copher was named the Estacada High School valedictorian for the class of 1977, and Mollie Shibley was named salutatorian. Copher earned a 3.945 GPA and Shibley achieved a 3.933. Copher planned to enroll at Clackamas Community College and later transfer to Oregon State University to study agriculture, while Shibley planned to enroll at Lewis and Clark College to study microbiology.


Drama students at Estacada High School would soon present a festival of one act plays. The plays, which were all directed by students, included "Sorry, Wrong Number," "As You Like It" and "Graceland." Student directors were Amy Short, Teri Alexander and Julie Schwartz


The Estacada Chamber of Commerce was planning to host the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus. "In its 13th season, the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus has built a reputation on cleanliness and excellent care if its animals," The News reported. The circus had also been featured in "National Geographic Explorer" and "Entertainment Tonight."


Families of all ages were invited to the Estacada library for an afternoon of dancing, games and prizes. "Disco balls, a bubble machine and yummy finger food will add to the fun as librarian specialist and DJ extraordinaire Luke Robinowitz spins up-beat tunes like Disco Fever, Play that Funky Music and Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot," The News reported.


Through a grant from the Oregon Department of Education, each school in Estacada would now have an instructional coach for the 2016-17 year. The positions were filled by David Schaenman, Lindsey Fullenwider, Teresa Lewis and Elizabeth Warren, current teachers who were granted one-year release from their regular classroom duties to assist teachers with lesson plan development and analyzing teaching practices.