Two decades later, investigators believed a bear tore siding off an Estacada home

FILE PHOTO - In 1997, the Rose family  woke up one night to find part of the siding missing from the front of their home. Investigators concluded that a bear was responsible for the damage.


A display by Estacada resident Mrs. James A. Lamb took first place in the local Green Thumb contest. The display featured red dahlias and gladiolas "in a large dark red bowl on a matching plate."

The Estacada High School "Ranger" yearbook staff would host an autographing party for the book. "At that time, 1967 graduates may pick up their copies of the book," The News reported. "Students still in high school will receive their 'Ranger' during the day, but they are also invited to the party."


Estacada resident Mike Blair's pet rock had been kidnapped after it won the Pet Rock Race World Championships in Sandy. "We have your world champion pet rock roller coaster!" a ransom note from "fiends" read. "We could get nasty it could end in the Sandy River! Need for breeding purposes! 6.99 for return! 10% discount if paid in ten days. You'll be hearing!"


Items on the community calendar 30 years ago included an Estacada Lioness sponsored bingo benefit for the Estacada Senior Center, a blueberry pancake breakfast at the Eagle Creek Grange and a meeting to discuss firearm safety rules and regulation for big game hunting for students from ages 10 to 18.


An Estacada family woke up one night to find part of the siding missing from the front of their home, and investigators concluded a bear was responsible. Shanna Rose, 16, heard strange noises in her family's front yard around 3:30 a.m. Sept. 26. "When the Roses walked outside, they found something had torn off part of the siding on their house," The News reported. "There were bloodstains and fur on pieces of the mangled siding." Officials from the Department of Fish and Wildlife concluded that a young bear was trying to get yellow jacket nests that were underneath the siding.


Members of the Garfield Grange would soon host their community fair. Plants, seeds, vegetables, cake walks and garage sale items would be available.


Students at River Mill Elementary completed a mural for their gymnasium featuring life in the forest. The design features a log that provides nutrients for plants and a variety of animals, and a river that is home to many other creatures. Animals featured in the mural include salmon, salamanders and squirrels. Kindergarteners created the mural's logs from hand-painted pieces of wood. Other classes created animals out of clay; one depicted adult and juvenile animals, while another depicted the different stages of a salmon life cycle.

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