Ten years later. music students at Estacada High School took to the streets to sing Christmas carols

ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1987, Estacada High School music students sang Christmas carols in the streets of downtown Estacada. They were filmed by KOIN TV for the news stations evening broadcast.


Santa Claus would soon make his annual visit to the Estacada Fire Station. The visit was organized by the city's volunteer firemen, "who

will be on hand and most happy to introduce all callers to the jolly visitor from the North."


Estacada resident Bob Stalcup planned to set a world record. Stalcup said he could eat more tacos than any man in the world. "He can't miss. Namely because there isn't an existing record." the News reported. "But Bob intends to take things seriously and to make his best effort Wednesday night, when, before TV and the world, he will set down at an orange plastic booth at the Estacada Taco Time and eat his way to a world taco eating record. Bob says he'll put them away at the rate of one a minute for an hour."


In celebration of the holiday season, music students at Estacada High School took to the streets of the city's downtown area to sing Christmas carols one morning, and KOIN TV recorded the event for the evening news. "A light rain failed to dampen the teenagers' spirits, which were perhaps buoyed as much by the opportunity to leave the high school's closed campus as by the chance to sing for television," The News wrote.


The December Chamber of Commerce luncheon was held at LB's Restaurant, and attendees were encouraged to bring Christmas readings or stories to share. "It's a very informal Christmas party where we simply enjoy the spirit of the season and get better acquainted with Christmas being our central theme," said Chamber President Bill James.


Limited edition book bags were sold at the Estacada library. They were inspired by a series of mosaics of Oregon native plants by artist Mimi Near. "The Estacada Public Library Foundation plans to produce one bag a year for 10 years highlighting one of Near's mosaics each year," The News reported. "The first bag featured the tiger lily."


The musical trio of Ellen Whyte, Gene Houck, and Jean-Pierre Garau would soon bring Christmas music to town. During an upcoming concert, they would perform songs from their holiday album "Seasons of Peace," in which they put different musical spins on classic holiday songs.

"We don't do cover songs the way they were originally intended," Whyte said. "We take them and twist them up to make them our own and give them a unique flavor."

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