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Thirty years prior, a new store had opened its doors for the first time in Eagle Creek

ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1978,  Laura Leffler opened The Shanty Shop in Eagle Creek.


The newspaper's "Estacada Hi-Lites" section shared how people around town were doing. "Russell Zeits has the mumps at this time," The News reported. "Let's hope he is over them soon so he will be able to return to school next week. His brother Jeffrey had them a while back."


"The Other Side of Midnight" and "Buster and Billie" were playing at the Broadway Cinema, which boasted of having "affordable flicks" and "the talkies."

Laura Leffler had recently opened The Shanty Shop in Eagle Creek. The shop featured gifts, most of which had been crafted by local residents and flower arrangements. "In one corner are quilts made by the Women's Prayer Fellowship of the Barlow Community Baptist Church," The News observed. "Next to them, an old-fashioned kitchen stove once belonging to Laura's mother displays and assortment of greeting cards. In a glass case nearby are ring pillows and prayer book covers."


Taira Stassens, a sophomore at Estacada High School, was named Cascade Utilities' scholar of the week. Stassens boasted a 3.84 GPA and served as treasurer of the student council. In her spare time, she enjoyed writing fiction. "I just write from the top of my head, whatever comes to mind," she told The News. "It started in the seventh grade. Things just come to me and I put them down on paper."

Classified ads from 30 years ago included offerings of firewood, babysitting and piano lessons.


The Estacada High School student council hosted a winter formal dance with the theme "sea of dreams." Terri Wheeler, a student council officer, said the decorations for the event were "among the best ever done for a formal dance at the high school." Senior Karlee Gentemann was crowned queen, and her escort was Carl Scott. Other members of the winter formal court included freshman Lindsay Cleveland, sophomores Sadie Main and Jenny Lowe, jun-

iors Erin McCauley, Kelly Mills and Mandy Stone and seniors Melissa Hagel, Cynthia Campbell and Jenny Green-up.


Members of the Springwater Grange would soon host their annual pie auction to raise money for college scholarships. During the prior year's event, $4,000 for scholarship was raised. Local students Sara Akins, Mary Kirby, Nikki Maher and Joshua Theander all received scholarships.

The Estacada Community School was planning to offer beginning jitterbug classes, taught by Dave and Jody Crandell.


Seventh-grader Deacon Erickson took first place in Estacada Middle School's National Geographic Bee. "I can't even put into words how it felt," he said, noting that geography is one of his favorite subjects. "I like knowing where I am at all times." Erikson added that he was fairly confident going into the e

vent. "I know I don't choke up in those kinds of situations. I'm able to keep my cool," he said.

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