Letter writer Jim Syring says The Estacada News got it wrong with its recent editorial.

I retired in 2015 from Clackamas Fire District after 30 years of service. I am currently a board member at Clackamas Fire District and was elected in 2015. I worked extensively with Chief George Eisert and the Boring Fire staff with the IGA (intergovernmental agreement) and legal integration processes of those two agencies in addition to the 10 legal integrations that occurred since 1988 that now make up the current Clackamas Fire District.

I have always supported your opinion pieces over the many years but in the most recent Estacada News (May 23), the opinion piece that states Clackamas Fire is "bullying" and "blackmailing" Estacada Fire are very one sided and inflammatory without researching the facts and even talking to us at all.

The article that your reporter wrote the other day, in addition to this opinion piece, do not include any information whatsoever from our perspective and the reasons that the Clackamas Fire Board, our staff, and our citizens support a full feasibility study.

During the course of these articles and opinion pieces, at no time has anyone talked to us to receive our perspective, input, facts, history and how our interagency committee (two members from each board Clackamas/Estacada) even got to this point.

Pamplin covers the news in all of the areas of our fire district and we work with your newspaper on a regular basis. I am somewhat taken back by the lack of the Estacada News staff in covering this story from the perspective of both fire districts. There is much, much more to this story.

Jim Syring

Happy Valley

Clackamas Fire Board member

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