Several decades before, local business owner Mike Doolittle had given the city an unusual gift

ARCHIVE PHOTO - Estacada City Manager Greg Ellis holds a thank you note for Mike Doolittle of Mikes Secondhand Store, while Chamber of Commerce Director Cheryl Alexander shows off the gift the city received from Doolittle: a copper toilet bowl float.


A variety of films were playing at the Broadway Theatre, including "Hillbillys in a Haunted House," "Frankenstein Created Woman," "The Mummy's Shroud" and "The Jungle Book." An advertisement promised that "Hillbillys in a Haunted House" would "scare your pants off."


Upcoming bands playing at the Safari Club were Wayne and Shelby, Ghost Riders and the P.C. Flyers.

The Springwater Grange would soon elect a new leader. At an upcoming meeting there would "be the election of a new master since ill health has forced Elwin Shibley to give up his office. All of our members votes are needed on this important decision."


The Estacada City Council would soon vote on whether to legalize social gambling in local establishments, and The News polled residents on the matter. "They used to have card games in town. I don't care. If they want to do it, let them," said Les Kiggins. Bruce Ryan stated that, "I have no problem with the ethics of it. My grandfather played once a week. The card room is part of the American scene."


Mike Doolittle, the force behind Mike's Secondhand Store, had recently given the city of Estacada an almost new copper toilet bowl float. When the city's flagpole was taken down for relocation, city staff discovered that an old float had been sitting on top of the structure for many years. The News ran a photo detailing the situation, and the toilet bowl float was stolen. Doolittle heard about the situation and sent over two floats and told city staff to take their pick.

"It is the thoughtfulness of persons like yourself who take items like a toilet bowl float out of its normal environment for the rest of society to enjoy in a new and innovative way that spreads joy among all," Estacada City Manager Greg Ellis wrote in a thank you note to Doolittle.


The Estacada Chamber of Commerce was moving from its previous office in City Hall to a remodeled space in the building. The Chamber's former office would be occupied by public works director Lance Weinard. City staff hoped the move would give the Chamber a more visible space. "A lot of people come to City Hall to get information from the Chamber," then-City Recorder Denise Carey said.


Estacada High School journalism teacher Heather Treanor was named the Rookie Media Adviser of the Year for Oregon. The award, given to her by the Northwest Scholastic Press Association of Oregon and the Oregon Journalism Education Association, is based on the quality of student work and growth of the school's program, which includes a newspaper and yearbook.

"It was really exciting," Treanor said, discussing the award. "It goes to show how hard the students have been working. If they weren't improving, I wouldn't have gotten it. Half of the award belongs to them."

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