A decade later Timberlake Job Corps was awarded for their participation in the Fourth of July parade

ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1998, members of the Timber Lake Job Corps Color Guard earned first place in the Estacada Fourth of July parades Most Patriotic category.


The Estacada Christian Church was hosting a spaghetti dinner to fundraise for an upcoming youth retreat. "They will ask an offering of $1 for adults and 50 cents for children, or give what you are able," The News reported.

Local kindergarten teacher Elsie Hale told The News there were photos of her students throughout the school year available for parents. "One especially good one is of the children at Easter time, holding their little Easter baskets. Any mothers interested in getting some of these pictures may call Mrs. Hale," The News wrote.


Showings at the Broadway Cinema included "Coma," "Mr. Billion" and "A Dog's Best Friend."

At The Food Warehouse, located at Fourth Avenue and Zobrist Street, frozen pizzas were 79 cents, packages of Kool-Aid were 10 cents each and plums were 49 cents a pound.


Magnus Liljengren, an exchange student from Sweden who had spent the last year in Estacada, wrote a letter to the editor as he prepared to return home. "I would like to thank everyone in Estacada for giving me the chance to live here and have such a great time," he wrote. Liljengren expressed his appreciation for the Bresko family for hosting him, as well as his teachers and classmates. "I want to say 'thank you very much Estacadians.' You guys are 'totally Rodney.' I sure hope we'll meet again," he concluded.


One attendee of Estacada's Independence Day activities described them as the "best Fourth of July event ever." The day included the annual parade and a variety of activities at the Timber Festival. Winners of the "Most Patriotic" awards for parade participants were the Timberlake Job Corps Color Guard, Ruth Cousins as the Statue of Liberty and the Stalcup family dressed in flag outfits.


Notices in the Around Town calendar a decade ago included a gathering for adults interested in playing volleyball at River Mill Elementary School, a meeting of the Estacada Toastmasters group and a "Good Morning Estacada" event held at the Estacada News office.


Renae Frey and Estelle BigEagle had recently published "Attributes of a Princess," a children's book detailing positive personality elements for young children. "There's so much in the world that celebrates bad behavior. Girls might think being a princess is about your dress. It's not what you look like. It's how you make others feel," Frey said.

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