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Several decades later, a group was facilitating a Civil War reenactment at Milo McIver State Park

FILE PHOTO - In 2008, a Civil War reenactment took place at Milo McIver State Park.


The losing side in an upcoming Estacada High School football team scrimmage would have to cook and serve hamburgers to the winning team. Community members were invited to the event, described as the "Barbecue Bowl."

The Estacada Garden Club would host a Dahlia Show at City Hall. "Members are to bring Dahlia Horticulture and two Dahlia Arrangements of their choosing," The News reported. The gathering would also include a luncheon.


Showings at the Broadway Cinema included "Almost Summer" and "Gray Lady Down." The theater was also selling Top 50 records for 90 cents.


Items from the newspaper's community calendar 30 years ago included a meeting of Dads Against Drugs, the Garfield Grange Fair and Horse show and School Improvement Day, during which students would be dismissed from classes for the afternoon, and teachers and staff would have workshops.


Ance McIntosh won a 19 inch color TV given away by Estacada Video. Every customer at the store who had pre purchased "Titanic" was entered into the competition. McIntosh was described as "a familiar face around Estacada and is often seen walking his dog along Main Street."


The Northwest Civil War Council would soon reenact battlefield scenes and create historic demonstrations at Milo McIver State Park. "We want to bring to life a generation of Americans who sacrificed 620,00 lives to both preserve the Union and bring freedom to approximately 4 million African American citizens. This generation can no longer speak for itself, so we represent them as both military and civilian historians," said Steve Betschart, the event's coordinator. The group was a nonprofit organization that formed in the 1980s with the goal of educating the public about the Civil War.


A recent report from the Oregon Lottery Commission showed that the Cazadero Inn and the Old Mill Saloon were Estacada's most popular places to gamble in Estacada. For the past fiscal year, the Cazadero Inn had total sales of $600,848 and the Old Mill Saloon had total sales of $503,749. Those who played the lottery in Estacada locations spent $29,732,041 on both traditional and video lottery games. In the video lottery, Estacada gamblers lost a total of $2,289,457.

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