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The following letters were submitted for publication in The Outlook, Sandy Post and Estacada News.

Humberston earns re-election

Clackamas County Commissioner Ken Humberston has proved himself to be a great advocate for his constituents. He has made himself available to community groups, where he listens to concerns and offers assistance whenever possible.

As a resident of rural Clackamas County, I appreciate his willingness to learn about and address the challenges facing us unincorporated folks - from homeless camps and land use issues to internet expansion and road safety concerns. Ken isn't afraid to answer some of the tough questions, even when the truth may be unpopular.

During the recent wildfires, Ken was a beacon of information for those of us effected by evacuation and possible loss of property. He alerted citizens to the current status of the fires, and coordinated help for those in need of neighborly assistance.

Ken Humberston has my vote for another four year term, so that he may continue his work for us.

Sue Hein


Elect Walker, Malone to Sandy City Council

Full disclosure, I do not live in the Sandy City Limits. However, I did work for the City for 30+ years, which informs my opinion. Kathleen Walker and Linda Malone deserve your vote for City Council.

Sandy has grown, in large part, due to its reputation for taking care of its citizens. Many larger communities can't or won't provide the amenities that make Sandy unique. Kathleen Walker and Linda Malone will work tirelessly to ensure future growth does not detract from the current livability of Sandy.

As long-time chair of the Sandy Parks & Trails Board, Kathleen Walker walks her talk. She brought together a coalition of agencies to design and construct Tickle Creek Trail and has volunteered as grant writer, budget committee member and in numerous other positions.

In her 21 years in government, Linda Malone oversaw development of many of the improvements Sandy is most proud of: SandyNet, Sandy Style, and Sandy Transit, to name but a few. She understands a community is only as good as the care it provides its most vulnerable citizens.

I encourage you to vote for Kathleen Walker, Councilor Position 4 and Linda Malone, Council Position 6. Above all, please vote.

Nancy Ream Enabnit


Give abused, neglected kids a fighting chance

I am a mother and an educational coordinator with a local nonprofit. I work with families and children every day in Clackamas County.

Brain research tells us that in order to learn, children need to start by feeling safe and loved. Children who suffer from abuse and neglect come to school in "danger mode," their brains just trying to survive.

The parts of their brain that they need to access in order to learn are offline. That's why it is so important that families in crisis, and especially our kids and youths, have safe places to turn for help.

That's why I am supporting the Clackamas Children's Safety Levy — a measure designed to specifically serve children and youths impacted by violence, neglect and abuse — creating a stable funding source for proven nonprofit organizations working right here in Clackamas County. Please give abused and neglected children and at-risk families a bright future with your yes vote.

Ann M. Schweitzer-Johnson

Todos Juntos (All Together)

Early Learning Coordinator


Anna Williams upholds Ginsburg ideals

There are a myriad of reasons why the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspired so many Americans and was so universally held in such high esteem.

One only has to look at some of her recent landmark rulings.

She vigorously supported the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution

She strenuously advocated for LGBTQ rights

She unequivocally stated that pay disparity is a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

And these are but a few.

Fortunately we now have a candidate, Anna Williams, who is running for representative in House District 52 in Clackamas County, who enthusiastically endorses these and other rulings by Ginsburg.

Her insistence on providing unemployment benefits, her staunch defending of education resources, along with her unflinching striving to garner support for small businesses, are all resounding affirmations of the integrity so inherent in Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I am sure Anna Williams would wholeheartedly agree with one of Ruth's quotes: "Welcoming of all is what makes America great."

I strongly urge supporting Anna Williams in November's election.

Steve Winkler


Elect Michael Horter to Sandy Council

I'm a fourth generation resident of Sandy and three pair of my great grandparents were pioneers to Sandy — Beers, Decker, Gunderson.

I'm writing in support of Michael Horter.

I've known Mike since he was a young child.

He is a lifelong resident of Sandy as were his parents Buddy and Anna.

Mike served his country in the US Navy and has worked at PGE for almost 20 years. He is a family man and a plain old blue collar, short sleeve, working guy.

His parents were the same way. He comes from humble beginnings.

I urge you to read his bio, message him personally and especially to vote for him.

Greg Meier


Small cost for protecting children

I am writing to urge readers to vote for the children's safety levy (Measure 3-564). The measure will raise money to substantially increase the funding for local non-profits to provide services to kids in Clackamas County who are affected by violence, abuse or neglect.

The children's safety levy will provide services through locally based nonprofits with proven records of providing quality services to kids in need. All the money the measure raises will stay in Clackamas County, and will be awarded through a competitive grant process.

A locally based advisory committee will recommend service providers to the County Commissioners. These service providers will likely be organizations that have been helping kids in our county for years, with deep roots in the community.

The cost to the average homeowner will be less than $4 per month, and the income generated will likely double the number of children and youths that are served.

Measure 3-564 is one whose time has come. Vote yes for Clackamas kids.

David Nebel


Let women choose for themselves

Fifty-one years ago, I was required to write a letter to the Board of Directors of a Portland hospital asking permission to have a tubal ligation after the birth of our third child. The board rejected my request, stating that I was still young enough to have more children should something happen to my husband and I remarried.

I wrote a second letter clearly stating that, regardless of my future marital status, I — personally — never wanted to be pregnant again. They accepted the second request.

I felt that my decision to have, or not have, more children was none of the hospital board's business. It was absurd that I should have had to ask their permission to be sterilized. Unfortunately, it seems that some folks, a half century later, are still pre-occupied with the female reproductive system.

And before you make any assumptions about me, I am a white, female, octogenarian Christian who feels that, if you don't approve of abortions, don't get one. Someone else's decision is none of your business.

To paraphrase an old adage: Until you have walked a mile in that woman's shoes, don't litigate, don't judge.

Reversing Roe v. Wade will send women back to unsanitary butchers and wire coat hangers. How pro-life can that be?

Pat Fuller


Travis Stovall for Gresham mayor

We are on the foothold of change in Gresham. Former mayor Shane Bemis endorsed Travis Stovall and it clearly shows he has the same beliefs the rest of us do in electing a candidate dedicated to our future.

Stovall — with his opponent's less-than-stellar attendance record, missing 25% of council meetings in his first year, and 11% already this year, and also with his questionable out-of-state political donations — gives us the advantage of having someone who has the conscience and integrity to carry us forward.

A vote for Travis Stovall for Gresham mayor is not only a vote for commitment, but also for representation for everyone.

Alyson Huntting


Candidates will bring new voices to city government

As I innocently walked with my partner to get an ice-cream recently, a youth, unprovoked, hurled hateful slurs at us. While life goes on, and ice-cream was still had, it was a reminder to me that empathy is not only up for election at the national level, but on the local Gresham ballot as well. It was a reminder of the importance of electing officials that will represent not just people of one group or area of town, but ALL of the many diverse voices we have in our city, including that of all races, all nationalities, all income levels, and all neighborhoods. I have met mayoral candidate Eddy Morales, and council candidates Dave Dyk, Vince Jones-Dixon, and Dina DiNucci, and am amazed by their heart-felt compassion, enthusiasm, and strong desire to bring more community voices to Gresham government decisions. I'm confident these four folks have the right plans and experience to help us navigate the budget, business, and housing crises we find ourselves in today, and make Gresham a safer and more livable city for all of us. I urge you to vote for these four fantastic candidates!

Philip Svabik-Seror


A great neighbor

I am excited to support my neighbor, Dave Dyk, as he pursues his passion for our community by running for a seat on the Gresham City Council.

Soon after Dave moved into the Northwest Neighborhood in 2016, I received an email from him inquiring about our neighborhood association and how he might help. I have been involved with the Northwest Neighborhood Association since 2007, and I know how challenging it can be to attract new leadership to the board.

After meeting him I knew that we had a real winner! He joined our board as the co-land-use chair, and soon took the position of vice-president. He immediately went to work creating a new webpage and during our annual neighborhood picnic at Bella Vista Park, added numerous new emails as he mingled among neighbors with his laptop in hand. He and his family have participated in our biannual park clean-ups, and he consistently attends meetings with fresh ideas and energy.

When elected, Dave will be a voice of reason, integrity, and compassion as he works to better our city, just as he has for our neighborhood.

Barbara Adams

Northwest Neighborhood Association Secretary


Piazza will side with safety

I am a single mom who has lived in my apartment complex in Gresham for the past five years. Each year my complex gets more unsafe.

This year we have had cars stolen, major vandalism, cars driving by with people yelling vile and profane racial slurs at my son and myself.

We report, but it continues. We are told unless their is physical confrontation just file a police report.

In addition, I work in Gresham and the same thing there. Crime is up and its costs my employer thousands every month.

Several weeks ago a violent homeless person threatened one of my co-workers with a garden tool and I dialed 911. It took me over seven minutes to get through (luckily another co-worker called a personal contact at the Gresham Police Department) and they got there before I got through to 911. In that time it could have cost a life. All of this and I understand some leaders and potential leaders of our city want to reduce the funds to our Police Department.

The one person I know who is running for City Council who is committed to making out city safe is Sue Piazza. Please join me in voting for her and keeping our city safe.

Michelle Metzger


Piazza wants the best for Gresham

Supporting Sue Piazza for City Council Position No. 5 is what makes sense. Sue, like myself, was born and raised in our community, attended and graduated from local schools, has raised her family here, had businesses here, and has supported our local economy, not only financially, but as a tremendous volunteer. She loves Gresham and cares about our citizens and it shows.

This is not the only reason to vote her in for City Council, she has great ideas to help with financial issues that Gresham faces, ideas of alternatives that can help to finance our parks and recreation, also ideas of how to help resolve the public water issue.

On top of all that she wants to support and stand behind our police and fire, kno

wing the importance of a safe community and the travel and tourism program with Gresham Chamber of Commerce to help support the vitality of our community. Sue Piazza wants what is best for our city, our citizens and their families.

Steve Johnston


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