Only the best-of-the-best displayed at Estacada High's 15th annual art show

by: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Best In Show senior Caleb Boeck sits before his scale model of a luxury house.Estacada High School art students pulled out all the stops for the school’s 15th annual art show, May 23-24.

Art teacher Janice Packard started the show when she first started teaching at EHS 15 years ago. The idea was to give the students a semiprofessional experience.

The pieces on display are the culmination of a year’s worth of work from students in Packard’s intermediate drawing, painting and sculpture, advanced art and honors studio art classes.

Despite all the effort and toil, only the best of the best was displayed, just like in the professional art world.

“It’s a privilege to have your work out,” Packard said.

Students had the option of selling the art on display.

“Artists enter juried shows all the time,” Packard said of the competition aspect of the show.

Students were judged in the categories of drawing, painting, miscellaneous 2D, ceramics, miscellaneous 3D and “best in show.”

The winners receive prizes in the form of art supplies.

This year, interdisciplinary artist Reeva Wortel was one of the judges.

In early May, Wortel taught EHS students a curriculum based off of the art installation/play “Spill.”

“Spill,” which came to Estacada earlier this month, was based off numerous interviews Wortel and playwright Leigh Fondakowski conducted with those affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Wortel worked with EHS art students to create portraits based on people they’d interviewed.

Many portraits displayed in the student art show came from this assignment.

Portraits were far from the only art form displayed at the show.

There were ceramics, pieces made from found objects, a sculpture made from horse shoes, and a scale model of a house built from popsicle sticks and balsa wood card stock.

Art student of the year, senior Caleb Boeck, painstakingly crafted floor plans and blue prints and is in the midst of constructing an impressive scale model of a large luxury house.

Four thousand popsicle sticks into the project, Boeck is working on the house’s third floor.”The whole house is built to actual construction spec,” Boeck said proudly.

Boeck’s main artistic interests are architecture and car design.

Drawings of cars of his own design were displayed near the model house and its floor plans.

Boeck’s impressive efforts earned him the prize for Best in Show.

Eleventh-grader Desteny Lewis described how as an elementary student she “gaped in awe” each year when her classes came to view the high school art show.

Lewis is thrilled to be in the show herself.

Her favorite piece on display was the oil pastel portrait she created as her “Spill” assignment.

The portrait holds special weight, as the subject recently passed away.

by: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Eleventh-grader Desteny Lewis stands near her Spill inspired portrait. She won the art show's first-place prize for drawing.Lewis took home the first place prize for drawing.

She would “love to do art after school,” but is deciding between pursuing art or criminal justice as a career.

Some of the students’ work was selected for permanent display at the Wade Creek Health Clinic.

Estacada Area Literary Foundation donated nearly $2,000 for framing student artwork to hang in the clinic, movie tickets for the students whose work was selected for the clinic and art supplies for the winners of the show’s categories.

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