Every student interviewed was sure that his or her father was the best father of all time.

What makes a good father? Spending time with his children.

That seemed to be the consensus amongst Eagle Creek and Clackamas River Elementary students.

Just in time for Father’s Day — Sunday, June 16 — Students from Lee Phillip’s fifth-grade class at Eagle Creek Elementary and Trevor Syring’s third-grade class at Clackamas River Elementary told Estacada News why their fathers are great:

Steven Monahan, Eagle Creek Elementary, fifth grade

None of Monahan’s friends’ dads have a motorcycle. But his dad does. Monahan loves to ride the motorcycle with his father.

“It’s fun, it’s exciting,” he said.

Monahan’s father, a Multnomah County sheriff’s deputy, also coaches his football team.

Brisa Petravicius, Eagle Creek Elementary, fifth grade

“He helps me out with homework when I need help. He wakes up early to bake us bread for our lunch and stuff. He always makes our lunch,” Petravicius said.

Her father is a contractor.

Nayome Syring, Clackamas River Elementary, third grade

“I like to go and look at horses with him because he’s going to buy me one,” Syring said of her father. “I like to go on rides with him and my sister too.”

Sayri Zurita-Hernandez, Clackamas River Elementary, third grade

“My dad makes a good father because he loves me and takes care of me and does all kinds of things to make me happy. He tickles me, tells me jokes and does things to make me laugh,” Zurita-Hernandez said.

She said her favorite memory of her father was a time when her mother was at work and her father was making food for her and burnt the oatmeal.

When asked if she’d like to say anything about Father’s Day, Zurita-Hernandez replied, “Your father has always been there for you. My dad has been the best dad ever since I was a little girl.”

Cyrus Bogart, Clackamas River Elementary, Third Grade

“Father’s rule,” Bogart said. “They’re good at teaching us stuff.”

He explained that his dad is the best in the world because, “He cares for me and he’d risk his life for me. Sometimes he gives me skateboard lessons because he loves skateboards. Sometimes he’ll be in the garage and give me D.J. lessons.”

One of Bogart’s favorite memories was when his father stayed with him in the hospital during a health scare. Through dialysis and “bad shots,” Bogart’s father was there.

“My favorite thing was when I had E. Coli and I was in the hospital and my dad was there the whole time,” Bogart said.

Creed Gaffaney, Clackamas River Elementary, Third Grade

Gaffaney loves to ride bikes and build things with his father.

He said that one of the best things about his dad is that, “If something in my room breaks he’ll come and fix it. And he mows the property.”

Gaffaney explained that his family owns five acres so mowing the property is a lot of work.

“I appreciate that he gives me a lot of love,” he said.

Daniel Hunt, Eagle Creek Elementary, Fifth Grade

“He spends time with me. He helps me get better in sports and stuff,” Hunt said of his father.

His father is a police officer for the City of Portland.

Elizabeth Krieter, Eagle Creek Elementary, Fifth Grade

“He shows me how to do things I can’t do very well. Like how to hammer in a nail perfectly,” Krieter said.

Her father is an environmental consultant.

John Minthorn, Clackamas River Elementary, Third Grade

Minthorn is sure his dad is the best ever “Because he takes care of me and I’ve always wanted to play football and this year is my first season and he teaches me about how to be a quarterback.”

While discussing what makes a good father with his classmates, Minthorn enthusiastically pointed out, “And they can help you with your handwriting.”

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