Stephen King indie short filmed in town

Photo Credit: ESTACADA NEWS: TROY WAYRYNEN - From left, Scott Ballard, director of photography, Kevin Forrest, first assistant camera, and Molly Preston, camera PA, make preparations to shoot a closing scene for The Man Who Loves Flowers, in Estacada. The movie is adapted from a Stephen King short story.In between takes, make-up artist Christina Kortum paints gore on Kirsten Foe’s face with what looks like a blood sharpie.

Every now and then the homicide has to wait for a car with a thumping bass to get out of earshot or a garbage truck to move on.

As the crew waits for quiet, the murder victim brushes dust from her knee pads.

Photo Credit: ESTACADA NEWS: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Make-up artist Christina Kortum checks actress Kirsten Foe's movie wound before the cameras roll for a scene in 'The Man Who Loved Flowers,' a Bricker-Down Productions short film shot in the Estacada area.Camera, lights, sound and it’s back to Foe’s shocking death. A few seconds at a time.

The climactic, sinister scene is being filmed on a sunny afternoon, Thursday, Oct. 16, in the alley behind Wong’s King Restaurant, in full view of the Harvest Market Thriftway parking lot.

Now that the rain has stopped, “The Man Who Loved Flowers” crew is having an easier time of things.

Bricker-Down Productions had closed down Broadway Street Tuesday and Wednesday Oct. 14-15 to film the indie-short film based on a Stephen King short story.

Photo Credit: ESTACADA NEWS: TROY WAYRYNEN - Molly Preston, a camera production assistant, uses a tail slate to mark the beginning of filming a scene. From the filmmakers’ “command central” in the former Mason Jar in the Mason Building, Producer Hailee Kendrick said the rain had forced them to get creative and some shots had to be moved indoors.

Kendrick praised the generosity of local business owners such as Marilyn O’Grady and Milan Peterka of The Mossy Rock, who allowed the filmmakers to use a room when the rain forced the crew to come up with alternatives.

“Despite the rain and everything we’ve got some really great shots,” Kendrick said.

Photo Credit: ESTACADA NEWS: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Scott Ballard, director of photography, shoots a scene for 'The Man Who Loved Flowers.'Even with the weather complications, writer/director Justin Zimmerman was in high spirits.

“What I’ve come to describe it as is David Lynch directing a soap opera,” Zimmerman said of the project before speeding off to supervise another scene.

With the filming over, Zimmerman is still in a great mood.

“I’ve been making films for over a decade, and I’ve never had a more exciting, intense and emotional experience than with ‘The Man Who Loved Flowers’ shoot,” Zimmerman said. “Estacada proved to be the perfect location for the film, and individuals from the community stepped up on multiple occasions to help make the film better.”

Zimmerman got the go ahead from King himself to adapt the story for a short, non-commercial indie film.

“The Man Who Loved Flowers” is a succinct tale from King’s 1978 collection of short horror stories, “Night Shift.”

King’s story follows a handsome, eager young man as he takes a long walk through New York City in May 1963 with a singular purpose.

As people notice him, the young man seems to radiate being in love.

Because it’s a Stephen King story, it’s wise to expect the unexpected.

Zimmerman has made a few changes to the narrative, which he promises will surprise “even the most ardent King fan” while remaining true to the original intent of the story.

Kendrick grew up in Estacada, and pushed for “The Man Who Loved Flowers” to be shot in town.

The filmmakers put a lot of effort into involving locals, and about eight cast and crew members stayed with Estacada area hosts during the filming.

Though filming has wrapped, the project still has to go through post production.

Zimmerman said the film will be finished in early 2015.

He’s promised an Estacada premiere for “The Man Who Loved Flowers.”