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Scenes in upcoming film will feature Estacada locations such as Currin and Broadway Streets

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: BRIAN MCELROY - Crew members film 'Woodstock or Bust' actresses Willow Shields and Meg Delacy on Currin Street last Friday.

When the film "Woodstock or Bust" arrives in theaters, the story will feature two musicians embarking on a road trip to the famous music festival of 1969 and several locations that viewers from Estacada will find familiar.

Last week, the film's cast and crew spent a day filming in town.

The story follows teenage songwriters Lorian, portrayed by Willow Shields, and Meryl, portrayed by Meg DeLacy, as they journey across the U.S. in their 1965 Mustang convertible to reach the Woodstock Music & Art Fair in New York. The film is scheduled for release in 2018.

Writer Leslie Bloom set out to film the movie in Oregon because she grew up here and wants to showcase the scenery offered by her home state. Estacada portrays Twin Falls, Idaho.ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Willow Shields and Meg DeLacy drive down Currin Street while filming 'Woodstock or Bust' in Estacada last week.

Because much of the movie centers on a road trip, several of the scenes filmed in Estacada feature DeLacy and Shields driving along Currin and Broadway streets.

Shields previously portrayed Primrose Everdeen — the younger sister of Katniss Everdeen — in "The Hunger Games" franchise. In her latest venture with "Woodstock of Bust," she's enjoying the work with the props utilized by the period piece.

"I get to cruise around in a Mustang, which is a joy," she says.

Along their journey, DeLacy's and Shields' characters meet several eclectic individuals, including a boy who is pretending to be an exchange student from Britain. He invites the girls to a house party, and the exterior of the home is a building on Currin Street.

The pair also stops at a thrift shop, a scene filmed at Award Embroidery and Apparel on Broadway Street.

When discussing the movie's storyline, DeLacy and Shields agree that the

relationship between

their characters stands out to them.

"Lorian is out there and a wild child, and Meryl is more sophisticated. They balance each other out and learn from each other," says DeLacy, whose previous roles include Grace on "The Fosters" and Nyla on "Recovery Road."

Shields adds that the relationship feels authentic.

"There's a lot of heart to it," she says. "The ups and downs of their friendship are very real and truthful."

Those involved with the film appreciate the portrait it paints of the U.S. in the late 1960s.

"I hope the story brings back memories for the older crowd," Bloom says.

Shields believes younger audiences will appreciate the film, as well.

"I think it will be refreshing for younger people to see a movie without technology," she says. "So many things revolve around phones and texting, and that's fine, but it's refreshing to see a movie about life before that."

The film gives its cast and crew a taste of the past in several ways. For example, Bloom recounts, one of the movie's props is a rotary phone, and one of the crew members asks how to press send while using this piece of older technology.

Both cast and crew members enjoyed their time in Estacada.

"It's a great town," says Toby Lister, props master. "Everyone is wonderfully friendly. They've welcomed the film crew with open arms."

Shields and DeLacy enjoyed shooting scenes near Clackamas River Elementary School and interacting with students.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: BRIAN MCELROY - Actresses Willow Shields and Meg DeLacy cruise down Broadway Street in a 1965 Mustang convertible while filming 'Woodstock or Bust' last Friday.

"Kids (saw the camera attached to the Mustang) and asked 'What's on the car?' " DeLacy says.

Locations Manager Brian McElroy enjoyed working with local businesses, such as Award Embroidery & Apparel, Just In Video, Clackamas River Growlers, The Mason Jar, The Mossy Rock and Fearless Brewing Company. He also thanked residents of the Currin Street neighborhood for accommodating the filming, and city staff members, particularly Melanie Wagner, for setting up accommodations,

"I love this town," McElroy says. "I am really grateful to the Estacada Broadway businesses for accommodating our scenes. I hope they enjoyed the activity."

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: BRIAN MCELROY - While filming on Broadway Street, the 'Woodstock or Bust' team placed several cars from the 1960s era to add to the film's vibe.

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