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Nate Boyd, The Gym

This column is especially for women. Sorry guys but we can talk about you next time.

Okay, ladies, spring is coming, no really, it is, and that means shorts, body skimming t-shirts and oh, those swimsuits. Here are some tips and advice on how to get fit and strong for the warmer months.

The aim should be to get strong, not skinny. Cardio, flexibility training and strength (see below) are part of a balanced workout plan. A strong body is able to recover from illness and injury faster and protects you from damage in the first place.

Weight training is for every woman! The benefits are weight loss and shaping your body and gaining that strength we're looking for.

Always, always, always stretch before and after your workout. Get that gain without pain.

Talk to Nate at The Gym or another trainer for things to do to meet your goal of strength.

Self-control and portion size are your best friends. 80% of maintaining your fitness is due to what you eat instead of how hard you train, not the other way around.

Clean out your pantry. No tempting foods in the house will prevent you from being tempted.

If you run or workout in the great outdoors, use sunscreen. Fit is good, but fit and wrinkly or fit and cancerous is not.

Don't forget The Gym is open 24/7 and we can help you achieve your strength goals in a fun and healthy way

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