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1. Oregon law requires all heating and cooling trades who provide more than $2000.00 of work to provide a written contract. In addition, the Notice to Procedure ORS 701.330, and Consumer Protection Notice ORS 701.330 must also be signed. Homeowners who do not sign these forms have no legal recourse with the contractor if issues arise.

2. When selecting heating and cooling equipment installers, make sure your contractor employs either PTCS or Check Me certified technicians. These cre-dentials are required for access to utilities incentives, state tax credits, and manufacture rebates.

3. Make sure your contractor is licensed and bonded for the work they are performing. Check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and CCB (Contractor Construction Board) web sites.

4. Verify the contractor has permits with your local city, or county building development department. After the job is complete, local officials will inspect the work to make sure all items are code compliant. Insurance companies may not pay a claim unless the damaged work was permitted and inspected after installation. If your furnace burns your house down, you could be liable for the repairs.

5. Make sure the contractor and manufacturer provide a warranty on the product. Make sure you have information and supporting documents to receive your rebates, utilities, warranties and tax credits. Hybrid Heating processes all forms and we mail the completed forms for the customer. All equipment is registered after the equipment is installed and operating.

6. Protect yourself and protect your investment. Call Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning for your heating and cooling needs.

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