Brought to you by Nate Boyd, Owner of The Gym, Your Fitness Expert in Forest Grove on Mountain View Lane

Summertime and the living is easy, let's just skip those sessions at The Gym and just enjoy the weather and eat ice cream.


Okay, skipping the occasional workout, no judgements, but we at The Gym believe that working throughout the year is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Below are some good reasons not to skip your summer workouts.

The Gym is less crowded. While they are scarfing ice cream you will be building muscles. They are building a belly, you are building biceps. They'll be back in the fall.

Sharper memory. Even a short workout increases mental functionality. They will be dull.

Less stress. You know you can work out those irritations and annoyances with a set of free weights.

You will look better. Yes, it's shallow, but just imagine the shadows created by your bulging muscles as you walk along the beach, the street, at the mall. You get the idea.

It will so much easier in September to get back into your workout routine, because you never got out of it.

You will sleep better. Weight lifting is the magic sleeping elixir to help you drop off more easily and quickly.

Life is better. Working out increases endorphin production and we all love that endorphin rush.

Eating more. When you burn more calories you can eat more calories. Oh, yeah.

Nate and the crew at The Gym will be there all summer to help you get the look and fitness you want. They want you to succeed and have the tools to help you get there!





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