Brought to you by Nate Boyde, owner and trainer at the Gym. 1901 Mountain View Lane in Forest Grove.

Nate Boyd, The Gym in Forest Grove.

Set a goal for summer. Fit in the swimsuit, avoid embarrassment when you take off your shirt or not panting when you climb the stairs, all these are great motivators to get fit.

Get a friend to go with you. Everything is more fun when

you have someone to do things with. And you can motivate each other.

Clean out that stinky gym bag! Not just the stuff inside but actually clean the bag! With soap and water or wet wipes.

Air it out once a week, too. Missing a pair of shorts or sports bra? They are in there. Check that your shoes are still in good shape and how long has it been since you washed that water bottle? You do not want to know about the bacteria that live in wet bottles. Eww.

New gym clothes are motivating, especially in a smaller size. Reward yourself for making progress. The new fabrics and colors are so much more comfortable and breathable, too. And it is okay to mention how well you are doing to your trainer and significant other as well. "Look honey, I can wear these pants again!" or "Honey Ineed some more shirts because the sleeves are too small to fit around my biceps!" or "Hey Bro, I lifted 600 pounds today!" Making

progress is good and you deserve kudos for the progress

you have made.

Get together with Nate or anyone of his fine assistants

at The Gym for more ideas to shape up for spring!





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