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This article brought to you courtesy of Kevin Kuntz, Forest Grove News-Times Heating and Cooling Insider.

Kevin Kuntz

We get a little bit of everything weather-wise in the Northwest. There are several weather and environmental

factors that can impact your heating and cooling system

once autumn begins. Here's how to take care of it, no matter what type of weather we get.

Rain, rain, rain. It's important to know how to keep your

heating and cooling system protected in case of flooding.

If there are over 15 inches of rain, turn off your entire HVAC system right away. The water can damage the outdoor unit as well as electrical parts inside. Once the rain has receded, call our and we can offer advice on when you should turn it back on and help if you have water damage, our emergency service can help with that as well.

Windy days. Debris from tree branches can fall and damage the outside of your unit, but so can leaves, dirt and other debris. This smaller debris can build up around the inside components and cause a breakdown to occur. To help combat this, be sure to trim surrounding trees or branches and remove leaf piles or grass clippings right away.

Call Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning today to stay on top of preventative maintenance appointments for your

HVAC system and clean or replace your air filters every

other month. This will help keep your system running at

its peak, all fall long!

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