This article brought to you courtesy of Nate Boyd, owner of The Gym, Forest Grove Fitness Insider Expert

Nate Boyd, Owner of The Gym

October is the perfect time to ramp up your fitness program. You will be into it and won't be derailed over the holidays because it will be a habit. You will be in great shape next spring because you started in October and not in May! Check out Nate's tips below to make this the best fall ever!

Some of these you know already, but you aren't doing them! Make this the year.

Update your gear. You probably need new shoes anyway since they are worn out and really those baggy sweats just bring you down every time you put them on. When you look good (read motivated) (in your awesome tights) you feel good!

Change it up. Switch out your old tried and true workout for something new, like kickboxing or Zumba. You will work new areas and meet new friends.

Workout with a friend. You can motivate and encourage each other. And admire each other's new shoes and tights!

Schedule your workouts. Plan to go to The Gym, make it a habit and schedule your life around your workout, not the other way around.

Ugh, you must eat well too. Keep healthy snacks like apples, almonds and carrots handy. And when you are scheduling Gym time, plan out dinner too, so you don't walk into your kitchen in despair and eat frozen French fries.

Call Nate and his helpful staff at the Gym and let them help you with your fall workout goals.

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