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Kevin KuntzNow that fall is here, it is getting cooler and you are turning up the thermostat to stay warm. Your HVAC system should keep you comfortable all season long, but sometimes things happen. How do you know if you have a problem? Here are some indicators.

Hearing weird sounds or smelling weird odors. These are usually a sign that something is going wrong with your HVAC unit. Banging could mean something loose or broken inside the machine. A loud screeching noise could indicate a loose or worn belt. A smell like rotten eggs is a gas leak, get out of the house immediately and call for help. Even if the sound or smell only happens occasionally, if you put it off for a long time, it could damage the system.

Lowered energy efficiency. If your utility bill is spiking, your energy efficiency is dropping and there could be a problem. Without regular maintenance, your HVAC system will not be as energy efficient as it could be. If a repair needs to be made, it could be causing a drop in efficiency. If you notice a big change in your utility bill from month to month or even when comparing last fall to this fall, it's time to call our experienced team of licensed HVAC technicians to determine what the issue is.

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