This article brought to you courtesy of Anne Johnson, of Mamancy Tea, Forest Grove News-Times Insider Tea Expert.

Mamancy Tea

"Building relationships with people is as easy as sharing a cup of tea to express love. A mother and daughter can share a cup and strengthen their relationship. A husband and wife can share a cup and experience moments of love. Or you can use tea to build a friendship," according to Anne Johnson, the owner of Mamancy Tea & Chocolate in Hillsboro.

Mamancy Tea & Chocolate is a labor of love. Growing up in Kenya, tea was a communal tradition offered and shared in the morning and afternoon 4pm. The time is spent with loved ones catching up on the day and connecting. This consistency binds together, builds relationships and community with trust and love.

Unlike coffee, tea is calming and helps invigorate and rejuvenate. It's a form of self-care. We all need to decompress, relax and regroup from a hard day's work. Many teas have health benefits as well, tea traditionally has been known to increase energy, offer natural sleep aid, reduce pain including joint pain, help increase or suppress appetite. And don't forget the chocolate. Mamancy Tea offers vegan chocolate as well as all the classic milk, dark and white chocolate varieties.

You are invited to join Anne and others every Saturday at 5 p.m. to taste the teas and eat chocolate for $10.

Mamancy Tea is working toward a future store front, and is making use of a gofundme account to make it possible your contribution is greatly appreciated

Also visit the Mamancy website at or visit her small retail location at 2831 S.E. Cornelius Pass Road in Hillsboro upstairs in Suite 210.

Mamancy Tea Co.

2831 S.E. Cornelius Pass Road

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