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Alignment is the adjustment of your car's suspension, the system that connects a car to its wheels. Driving a car with improper alignment can cause uneven wear on the tires and put undue stress on the suspension which could result in expensive repairs.

How do you know if your car needs an alignment? The most common signs are pulling either to the right or left, uneven or rapid wear on your tires and a vibration as the wheels pull against each other. An accident, running into a curb or hitting a pothole can knock your wheels out of alignment. Experiencing these things or a jolting impact mean it's time to call Scotties Auto Body in Hillsboro to schedule an appointment with them.

When you bring your car in we will ask you about the issues you've experienced and conduct our own inspection of your alignment system. In some cases, your steering wheel could be causing the issues with your overall alignment. In others, your wheels may have been misaligned when they were first installed, with the affects getting gradually worse over time. Regardless of the circumstances, we will work diligently to align your wheels and address any other problems that might creep up with your steering and suspension system. You can trust our mechanics to provide you with superior wheel alignment service, or any other mechanical service, at an affordable rate.

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