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Scotties Auto Body

Do you hear grinding, squealing or other loud noises when you apply your brakes? Those noises you hear are telling you that your brake pads or shoes are worn and need replacing.

Do you feel vibration or pulsing when you compress the brake pedal? Your rotors are in danger of warping and can cost you a lot of money to repair.

Do you have to push the brake pedal farther down than you used to? Not as prevalent a symptom as it used to be, but if you have to push harder your brake pads are worn or you have a fluid leak. Don't play around with your brake pedal, you can only press so far before you're in a frightening, "I have no brakes" predicament.

Is your brake warning light on? This is a no brainer. Call Scotties as soon as possible for a brake inspection.

Waiting for a brake check will only lead to more expensive repairs and dangerous driving on your part. At Scotties Auto body we will perform a thorough inspection and a clear and honest evaluation of what work will be needed to fix it. Scotties mechanics will give you an estimate of how long your brakes will take to repair and how much it will cost.

Don't put the safety of your car or others on the road at risk. Call Scotties Auto Body at 503-648-6436 and get those brakes checked right away.

Scotties Auto body

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