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What? There is an International Day of Happiness? Yes, thanks to the United Nations and the group Action for Happiness, made up of people from 160 countries. Their goal is to spread the idea that progress is not only about the bottom line and economic growth, but well-being and human happiness. In 2011, the UN General Assembly resolved that happiness is a "fundamental human goal." The Declaration of Independence says "… life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" are unalienable rights. It's good to be happy, but it's tough sometimes. Here are some ways to up your happiness quotient in time for the holiday on March 20.

Be Social. Hard right now with a pandemic, but phone calls, Zoom meet-ups and even texts can connect you to your friends and loved ones.

Be informed. Our current situation can make us unhappy but by a little reading on well-being, mindfulness, and ways to get in touch with what's important, you can have a new outlook on life.

Make a list. Write down five things that truly make you happy then try to include at least one of them every day. You might have to modify going to Hawaii by listening to Don Ho and drinking pineapple juice until things improve, but you get the drift.

At Scotties Auto Body in Hillsboro, we want you to be happy with your car repairs and service and do our best to make sure you are.

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