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This article brought to you courtesy of Nate Boyd, owner of The Gym, News-Times Insider Fitness Expert.

Nate Boyd

You've been locked up. You've been flabby and you have been missing The Gym.

We can all agree that going to The Gym to get in shape or to improve how we look is a good thing. Getting healthy and fit is good for everyone. But there are other reasons you've been missing going to The Gym that have nothing to do with losing weight.

Making new friends at the Gym. Meeting people with whom you have something in common – working out at The Gym. You inspire and motivate each other.

Being smarter. The Scientific American says exercise boosts your cognitive function and fact retention. And they would know.

Positive effects on creativity. Think of all the things you can think of while exercising.

Better sleep. Because you worked so hard and are tired! This will improve your relationships, overall health and work life. Whoa. Go working out, go sleeping!

You will feel better because you look better and are sleeping better and all that other stuff is better too. Also, you can rock that bikini while your sister wears a cover up all the time. You can pick up and move the refrigerator for your girlfriend's mom. See where I'm going with this?

You have missed walking out the door of The Gym knowing you worked hard, look good and will sleep like a baby tonight.

Get into The Gym and experience these things again. Nate and the crew are waiting for you.

The Gym

1901 Mountain View Lane

Forest Grove, OR 97116


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