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This article brought to you courtesy of The Forest Grove Beehive, News-Times Insider Senior Living Expert.

The Forest Grove Beehive

Seniors benefit in many ways from staying active, from improved cognition to weight management. Studies have shown that an active lifestyle can also delay brain disorders like Alzheimer's Disease. Let's look at some of the benefits for seniors who keep busy and involved.

Social connections provide one of the best ways to stay active. Visiting, crafting, exercise classes, or even eating with others provide ways to create new connections and can ease loneliness. Games can keep minds engaged. Some seniors love crossword puzzles and trivia while others might prefer board or card games. Activities that require critical thinking can help maintain and even improve cognitive function. It's important to find out what your loved one likes and suggest activities they will enjoy. Any opportunity for social and active engagement can improve emotional well-being.

An active lifestyle also contributes to healthy weight management. As bodies age, the metabolism naturally begins to slow, which increases the importance of movement. Fitness classes are an excellent choice not only keep bodies in shape, but exercise produces "feel-good" hormones that can boost the mood.

At The Beehive, we believe fun activities are essential to senior care. While not every senior wants to participate in daily activities, we provide the opportunity. In our years of experience, we find that even the most reserved seniors eventually participate in activities and social opportunities. If your loved one needs extra assistance with daily care, The Beehive is here to help.

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