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New Year's resolutions always seem to fail before January is even over because they are too hard or complicated or unrealistic. Losing 50 pounds by Easter, buying a new house or organizing the box of photos from 1972 aren't likely to happen, so this year try something different. How?

Pursue some choice goals in small steps. After all, change doesn't have to come all at once. Below are some ideas that will improve your life but don't cost a lot of time or effort.

Get outside. Connecting with nature reduces stress and is as easy as a walk, playing soccer with the kids in the back yard or watching the sun set from your porch. Breathe that fresh air in and stress out.

Compliment someone and mean it. The person ahead of you in line has on a beautiful jacket. Your kids practiced their manners without reminding. Tell them so.

Keep your car clean. How much time do you spend in the car? Use the wastebasket and keep car cleaning wipes close by. Stopped in traffic, wipe down the console.

Make your bed. In the morning. You're going to straighten it out before you climb in tonight anyway. And it looks so much better.

Read more. The libraries are open, and we seem to have lots of time at home. Read to the kids and read to yourself.

Remember that Scotties Auto Body will be there to help with all your vehicle needs in the new year.

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