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If your student owns a car or uses yours to get to school, sports or music practices or even a job, here are some tips to get the car ready and keep your student safe and prepared for driving in the new school year.

Check the tires. Proper tire inflation can improve gas mileage, so keep the pressure at the correct psi. Check for wear by inserting a penny in the tread. If you can see Lincoln's head, it's time for new tires.

Keep fluids topped off. Yes, keep the oil changed, but also check transmission and brake fluid, coolant and even windshield wiper fluid. The rain is coming so make the wiper blades are in good shape too.

It will start to get dark earlier and some of those practices last a long time. Make sure your headlights, brake lights, and blinkers are in proper working order. Your student needs to see and be seen.

Proof of insurance and registration should go in the visor in case of emergency or getting pulled over. Make sure your student has the current auto insurance card inside the vehicle or in their wallet.

Have an emergency kit with a set of jumper cables and teach your student to use them correctly. Include a first aid kit, bottles of water, snacks, blanket, flashlight, cell phone charger, shovel, and (of course!) duct tape!

Scotties Auto Body wants you to have prepared cars and drivers as they head back to school.

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