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Forest Grove

Nov. 3

n Officers responded to a report of kids inside an abandoned home on Quince Street. Two runaways were found in the home along with two others. All were charged with trespassing and released to their parents.

n Officers received a report that a man was at a local restaurant without shoes on. An officer contacted the man, who stated he was finishing a sandwich before catching a bus back to Portland. He said he threw his shoes away by choice and did not need any assistance.

n A woman called 911 after getting upset with a caregiver who was possibly stealing from her. The caregiver told police the family had hired someone else and was not paying her anymore. Officers told the woman she needed to leave and not return.

n Officers checked the driver of a vehicle reportedly driving into oncoming traffic on 12th Avenue near Elm Street. The man turned out to be under the influence of alcohol and was arrested. His blood alcohol level was .23 percent.

Nov. 4

n A citizen called police after seeing a woman urinate in a field near a local convenience store. Officers contacted the woman, noticed she was intoxicated and learned she had just driven to the store. She was arrested for DUII. Officers were called later on the shift to check on a man outside yelling at himself on Pacific Avenue. The man turned out to be the woman arrested earlier for DUII. The woman was taken to a detox facility.

n A woman called police after getting upset about sexually explicit text messages.

n A citizen called police, concerned about a gas can sitting in front of their neighbor’s home. Police suggested the citizen perhaps contact their neighbor to see if it was their gas can.

Nov. 5

n A man on Pacific Avenue reported a pair of pants stolen from his locked bedroom. Oddly enough, another pair of pants went missing in September as well. There are no suspects in either case.

n A citizen reported being harassed by text messages day and night from someone in Hawaii.n Police checked on a report of a 4-year-old walking alone on Pacific Avenue. The child was contacted and determined to be 11 years old. He was given a ride to Tom McCall after he explained he had missed the bus for school.n Another resident called police after receiving unwanted text messages that were described as “rude” and “perverted.”

n A woman called police after her ex-boyfriend showed up and punctured her tires. The ex-boyfriend was located and arrested.

Nov. 6

n Police were called to check on a 90-year-old man, who was not answering his door. An officer found the man, who was simply busy unloading groceries from his car in preparation for his elk hunting trip.

n Officers checked a residence after a neighbor noticed a chemical smell coming from the home. The smell turned out to be normal household cleaners and the resident was cleaning house.

n A citizen called police after a suspicious person showed up at their home and knocked on a window. It turned out to be a neighbor’s son selling candy for a fundraiser.

n An officer stopped a car as it was pulling into Jack in the Box. The driver was arrested after it became apparent to officers that she was intoxicated. Her blood alcohol content was nearly triple the legal limit at .23 percent.

Nov. 7

n Police were called after an 8-year-old boy showed up at a residence and claimed his father had abused him. Officers checked the boy’s home and spoke to the father, who said he spanked the boy once after he got caught for stealing.

n Police were called to an out of control 15-year-old girl, who was apparently enraged after her cell phone was taken away.n Officers assisted two separate motorists after they ran out of gas.

n Police were called after a man purchased a car from Craigslist that was never delivered.

Nov. 8

n A man called police because he got a bill from Verizon, but does not have Verizon service.

n Police responded to Goodwill after two shoplifters ran from the store. Two subjects were caught. One was lodged at the Washington County Jail for theft and the other was a runaway out of Portland.

n While an officer was checking on someone near a local tavern, a Tri-Met bus driver stopped in the middle of the road and asked for the officers assistance with a passenger, who was intoxicated and possibly suffering from a medical condition. The officer summoned medical assistance and checked the subject, who refused transport to the hospital. The subject ended up there anyway after a Portland detox facility refused to take him in due to his medical issues and called an ambulance.

n Officers checked the 1600 block of A Street after a male voice was heard yelling “child killer.” They found no one in the area.

n A woman contacted police after getting text messages from a man who said she needed to arm herself because he was coming to hurt her.

Nov. 9

n Police responded to a neighborhood dispute involving cats.

n A subject called police about unwanted text messages from an ex.

n Police stopped a car for not having a license plate light and noticed a smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. They contacted the juvenile driver, who admitted to having a loaded pipe in the car. Police also found two bags of marijuana, two bags of dehydrated mushrooms and a digital scale. The driver was arrested and lodged at the Washington County juvenile department.

n While stopped by an officer on traffic, a driver decided to drive away from the stop and went to a nearby apartment complex, where he then ran from the police on foot. Officers had to use a Taser to take the man into custody, and lodged him at the Washington County Jail.

n A male called police after his cousin started having delusional thoughts and started threatening that he would get a knife. Officers placed a protective hold on the subject and transported him to the hospital.   


Oct. 29

n A transient stole a bag of pellets from a local retailer and set up a campfire. He then entered a local automotive repair yard and started going through cars.

n A loose Cocker Spaniel bit a Pit bull, leaving it with several puncture wounds.

n A juvenile with mental health problems reported that she was hurting herself. She was transported to the hospital.

Oct. 30

n Officers arrived at a construction equipment business after an alarm went off. Police located a man on the site, who officers are familiar with because he has been involved with multiple thefts in the past. Police arrested him on a warrant.

n A driver ran through a construction zone barricade and was cited for multiple traffic violations.

n A man reported his vehicle was keyed or scratched, causing more than $1,000 in damage.

Oct. 31

n  A woman’s purse and other items were stolen from her vehicle overnight.

n A credit card was stolen and used at a local retailer Redbox to rent two movies and a game.

n A violation of a no contact order was reported to police. When the suspect was contacted by an officer, he took off running but the officer caught him a few blocks away. The suspect was brought to jail for violating his probation and interfering with a police officer.

Nov. 1

n Local retail security caught a man for shoplifting. He was arrested and had a warrant for his arrest. He was lodged at the Washington County Jail.

n An officer stopped a vehicle for several violations. The driver was driving with a suspended license and did not have insurance. He also had three warrants for his arrest.

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance. A man was punched by his intoxicated stepson. Police arrested the stepson for assault and a parole violation.

Nov. 2

n  An officer arrested a woman after a domestic disturbance became physical.

Nov. 3

n A large fight erupted at a residence on the south side of town. Police arrived and determined extended family members were saying things to each other over Facebook related to their rival gang activity. Several people appeared to have fled the residence prior to police arrival.

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