NEWS-TIMES PHOTO: CHASE ALLGOOD - (Left to Right) Artists Helvi Smith, Emily Lux, Nate Marcel, April Hoff, Barbara Martin and (not pictured) Lang Schwartzwald work on their Art Skirmish paintings at Valley Art as supporters gather to watch. Six local artists gathered at Valley Art Friday night for an Art Skirmish, where they each did their best to finish a painting of their choice within a three-hour time limit.

Roughly 40 onlookers got to vote for their favorite painting. April Hoff won the competition for “best use of red” with her painting of a cardinal. And Emily Lux won for “best coloring within the lines” for her depiction of a floral arrangement.NEWS-TIMES PHOTOS: CHASE ALLGOOD - Artist Emily Lux stops to examine her canvas during the Valley Art Art Skirmish event Friday, Nov. 18.

The six paintings are on display (and for sale) at Valley Art, 2022 Main St. The Coin Club provided music.