What have the Forest Grove Police Department officers been up to February 26 through March 4?

February 26

- A woman called because she had broken her ankle on a deer trail somewhere on the west end of Forest Grove and did not know where she was. An officer was able to track to the woman's location and guided her to a waiting ambulance.

- Police assisted after a suicidal man locked himself in a room at a local medical facility. Police used a key making entry into the room and took the man into protective custody.

- A local convenience store clerk requested police assistance in removing an intoxicated man who was outside of the store dancing. Police contacted and arrested the man after learning he had a felony warrant for his arrest. He was also in possession of drugs.

February 27

- After hearing a loud thud outside, a resident checked and found a dead goose. The resident asked for advice on how to dispose of the goose.

- Police assistance was requested on a report of a loose and vicious dog. Officers arrived to find a Chihuahua.

February 28

- A patron accused a local establishment of stealing her purse. It turns out the patron left her purse and the staff at the establishment had simply secured it for safekeeping.

- A 16-year-old was stopped for speeding. The officer noticed indicators of intoxication and arrested the juvenile. His blood alcohol level registered .13 percent.

- A resident called after finding another extremely intoxicated 16-year-old wandering through a neighborhood. Police first had medical personnel check on the subject then transported him home and released him to his parents with a minor-in-possession charge.

March 1

- A man called to report a dispute he was having with a female acquaintance. Unfortunately for the man, he was allegedly intoxicated and had been driving. He was arrested for DUII.

- Police handled a domestic dispute where a woman allegedly poured gasoline around her boyfriend's truck to keep him from leaving.

- A citizen reported an elderly woman that kept walking into her residence. Officers contacted the woman who was 88 years old and suffering from dementia.

March 2

- A woman staying at a local hotel called to report "strange goings on." She reported that a man took a step at the exact time she did and that a chair was moved in a noisy fashion. The woman wanted to meet officers at a covert location and went on to complain about the people above her who were having loud sex.

- A woman reported that his friend was being poisoned. Police found no evidence this was occurring.

- A man called to report that his wife left and took all the furniture and a cooler. The man was advised he might want to contact an attorney.

March 3

- "Ringo Star" called to report threatening behavior and people hiding in the bushes. Ringo was not cooperative with the dispatcher and refused to offer further information.

- A woman reported a stolen handicap placard from a vehicle. The problem, however, was that the woman did not even own a vehicle.

- A resident called after a computer technician visiting the home on a service call. He made her uncomfortable and indicated she "didn't have to get dressed on his account." The technician is not welcome back and police will be called if he makes further contact.

March 4

- Police responded to a domestic disturbance between a man and woman with an infant at the location. Police were eventually able to check on the female who initially refused to come out of a bedroom. The male subject was uncooperative and became angry at officers for checking on his girlfriend.

- A resident reported that a man with a warrant for his arrest was underneath his home causing damage with power tools. Police found no one under the house and determined the caller was likely suffering a mental-health crisis.

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