What have the Forest Grove Police Department officers been up to March 5 to March 11?

March 5

- A man reported his jeep stolen, but canceled the call when he learned his wife was using it.

- A caller reported a suspicious white truck in a neighborhood. As it turned out, the man called himself in and was waiting in the pick-up for an officer to arrive so that he could talk to someone about relationship issues he was having.

- A man called 911 yelling for help and described his location. Officers arrived and found a man at the location who was uncooperative and denied being the caller.

March 6

- A female called for assistance but was so out of breath the dispatcher could not ascertain what the problem was. Police found no one in the area in need of help and no other calls were received.

- A caller reported a man had taken his shirt off and twice pulled his pants down in the area of the Grand Lodge. Police were unable to find the man.

March 7

- Multiple calls were received on a man trying to jump into moving vehicles on Pacific Avenue. Officers contacted the man who was intoxicated and crying, stating that he was tired of living. Officers placed the man into protective custody and transported him to the hospital.

- Officers were asked to assist the Washington County Sheriff's Office in looking for a stolen Ford F-150 in Gaston but could not locate the vehicle. Later while off-duty, a Forest Grove officer spotted the stolen pick-up in the WinCo parking lot in Hillsboro and it was recovered.

- Grandparents called for assistance after their autistic grandson got out of control and became physical after being told he could not get a kitten.

March 8

- An intoxicated woman who was also having a mental health episode called for assistance. The officer determined she was not a danger to herself and was mostly upset because her cable television was not working. She was thrilled however and cheered when the officer was able to fix the cable issue for her.

- A caller reported a 2-year-old child walking around alone in a parking lot in the middle of the night. Officers arrived and found the child walking in a grassy area adjacent to an apartment complex. Officers eventually found the residence where the child walked away from and found the father who had been asleep and had no idea the child had escaped.

March 9

- Police checked on a male and female reportedly checking out cars in the neighborhood. Officers found the two and noted the female eating from large box of Goldfish crackers. Both consented to search and methamphetamine was found in the male's pockets. Methamphetamine pipes were found inside the Goldfish cracker box and a purse. Both subjects were arrested and taken to jail.

- A man reported that his girlfriend slapped him and wanted police to "set her straight."

March 10

- A caller complained about the mess made in the neighborhood after phone books were sloppily delivered. Officers suggested she contact the phone book company.

- An officer spotted a driver throw a bag of garbage out of the window of his moving vehicle. The officer stopped the car and issued the driver several citations including one for driving on a suspended license.

March 11

- A man reported that an acquaintance assaulted him with a three foot wooden dowel leaving him bleeding from a baseball sized lump on his head. Officers found the suspect and arrested him.

- Police investigated burns to a child after the father spilled his hot Cup O Noodles.

- A report was received that eight teenagers were using drugs at an outdoor party tent. Officers found one teenager watching his younger brother under a canopy while eating pizza.

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