What have Forest Grove police officers been up to so far this month?

Forest grove officers have been busy this week.May 7

- Officers assisted a man suffering from a mental health crisis and having delusional thoughts. The man was convinced he worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Officers engaged the man in a conversation about the practicality of faster-than-light travel in space, which established the rapport necessary to convince him to go to the hospital.

- Police responded to a residence where a woman was experiencing a mental health crisis and had barricaded herself in a house. Upon arrival, officers heard crashing sounds and screaming coming from inside. Officers forced entry into the home and detained the woman for her safety. The Washington County Crisis Team also responded. The woman was transported to the hospital.

May 8

- Officers completed the investigation of an unattended death.

- A resident called police about a neighbor's dog that had been barking non-stop for a week. The neighbor acknowledged the issue and was in the process of ordering a bark collar.

May 9

- A patron of a local business became trapped in the bathroom and called for police assistance when they could not get out. Employees had to remove the doorknob to release the frustrated customer.

- A man reported that his girlfriend was being held hostage. Officers investigated and determined the girlfriend was simply moving out of a residence and her roommate wanted her to stay and talk but had not committed any crimes.

- Officers checked for a deer reportedly running around a neighborhood but did not find it.

May 10

- A citizen called to complain about the neighbor's loose chickens.

- Police handled a dispute between roommates over money.

- A woman called after her intoxicated husband began throwing things around the house. Officers convinced him to go to bed and sleep it off.

May 11

- A woman allowed a caller remote access to her computer and entry into her bank accounts online to complete money transfers after being told her computer needed repair. She later realized it was a scam and phoned police.

- In another complaint regarding smelly chickens, an officer noticed the owner had more chickens than city codes allow. The resident told officers they would eat a couple to bring their total number of chickens into compliance.

May 12

- Police responded to a report of several juveniles drinking and smoking marijuana with one reportedly armed with a gun. Officers stopped a vehicle leaving the area reportedly associated with the subjects. After a search of the vehicle and occupants, officers located a stolen handgun along with a loaded magazine. Officers arrested two people.

- Another scam victim paid $1,000 in iTunes gift cards to a caller claiming to be online tech support.

- A woman called police for advice after a man contacted her on Facebook asking to accept a wire transfer in return for a money order. Officers told her it was a scam and to cease all contact with the subject.

May 13

- Officers checked on a noise disturbance and found area residents playing "Cards Against Humanity." They agreed to quiet down.

- Police looked for an alleged drunk driver after a vehicle was reportedly all over the road. Officers went to the registered address and found the car crashed into a garage. They contacted the man at the residence who allegedly admitted to driving drunk and was arrested. His blood alcohol level registered double the legal limit.

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