What have Forest Grove Police been up to July 30 to August 5? Check out this week's log

        July 30

- A woman called police after her mother reportedly attempted to set her garage and herself on fire. A small fire in the garage had been extinguished by the time officers arrived. The mother did not sustain injuries but was taken to the hospital for evaluation. 

- A caller reported their two birds had been killed by toxic fumes from a neighbor who was cutting tires to make sandals, further claiming the vet bill for treating the birds had cost a month's rent. Officers advised a civil compromise.

- Police responded to a report of an elderly man passed out in a vehicle with the door open. The man was simply taking a nap.

July 31

- A citizen reported that an unknown person from Alabama used his credit card to purchase pizza.

- A man called and screamed at a dispatcher, refusing to answer questions about what he was reporting. The man later yelled at officers and called back to report to dispatch that he was a better cop and had a higher IQ than the officers he spoke to. In a conversation later that evening, the man calmed down and thanked police for treating him with respect and offering good advice.

- A man was stopped for a traffic violation, then ran on foot. Officers pursued the man and caught him. It was learned the man had a warrant for his arrest.

August 1

- A citizen reported a man in his 70s who seemed disoriented and was asking for food.  The man was also observed eating dandelions. Officers contacted the man, assured he was okay, and gave him a courtesy ride home.

- Officers were able to diffuse a situation involving an elderly resident at an assisted living center who was armed with a steak knife and allegedly threatening staff. A family member transported him to the hospital.

- An intoxicated man was transported to a Portland detox center after he was found passed out in the parking lot of a local establishment.

August 2

- A woman contacted police to report that library staff members were worshipping Satan.  Officers found no explicit evidence of occult activity occurring at the library.

- A man was arrested after attempting to fill fraudulent prescriptions at multiple pharmacies.

- Officers assisted deputies in searching for a man that ran from a traffic stop outside of the city, along with two tracking K-9's.  The suspect was found up in a tree.

August 3

- Police looked for a man who reportedly was "wobbling" through the street and giggling to himself.

- A man armed himself with a weapon and called police after his pug alerted him and then heard his door handle jiggle. Officers found no one in the area.

- After contacting a juvenile male on the street, officers noticed what appeared to be the shape of a gun under his shirt. An officer grabbed the boy's hand while the other officer took hold of the weapon and ejected what was a round from a loaded chamber. A fully loaded 16-round magazine was taken from the boy's pocket. Further investigation resulted in charges of Burglary, Theft, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Carrying a Concealed Weapon.  The boy was lodged at a detention center.

August 4

- A man requested a welfare check on his wife and child after hearing they were kidnapped. He later learned it was not true.

- A woman reported a UFO in the western skies along with some unusual star activity following five nights of star gazing.  The caller told police she was calling the UFO hotline and did not need assistance after all.

August 5

- A woman called to vent her displeasure with Forest Grove officers who kept entering her home at night and upsetting her intestines. The woman hung up on the officer that called to assist.

- A citizen complained that her dogs were annoyed because of screaming neighbor kids playing in a bouncy house.

- Pacific University Campus Public Safety officers reported a vehicle that sped towards them on 21st Avenue and that the driver was possibly intoxicated. Officers located the car and arrested the driver for DUII.

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