What have the Forest Grove Police officers been up to from Sept. 20 to Sept. 28? Read this week's police log to find out

             During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 477 incidents, both reported and self-initiated. Here are some highlights:

Sept. 20

- A caller reported multiple individuals vandalizing the carports at an assisted living facility. Police located three intoxicated minors nearby who were carrying graffiti paraphernalia and had ink on their hands. All three were arrested for criminal mischief and received "minor in possession of alcohol" citations.

Sept. 21

- A woman called police to report that she was locked inside a laundromat. Officers directed her to the "push to exit" button next to the door.

- A man reported that a suspicious business card from the IRS had been left on his door and that the agent, whom he subsequently called, had requested to meet in person regarding an investigation. Police advised that the IRS does occasionally make house calls and to call an officer if he felt uncomfortable with the agent's identification.

- A woman called police after hearing her garage door open in the night. Officers checked the area and found no signs of entry.

Sept. 22

- A caller reported seeing an individual throwing knives against a business and then licking the blade.

- Police responded to a fight at a park. On arrival, officers found a man with obvious injuries; however, the man refused medical attention and would not talk about what had happened. Officers were unable to locate any suspects but they did locate the victim a short while later damaging property. He was arrested.

- Night-shift officers contacted a man seen passed-out in the driver seat of his truck with the door ajar and cash and marijuana on his lap. Upon waking up, the man informed police that he hadn't been driving, just parked a few doors down from his residence. He said he was just resting his eyes. He decided to go home to sleep.

Sept. 23

- A man reported that his roommate was intentionally playing an instrument loudly to torment him.

- A citizen called police when her friend, who was allegedly drunk and suicidal, had gone missing. After an extensive search, the individual was located on top of a building preparing to jump. Officers were able to help the individual back to the ground level and take them to the hospital.

Sept. 24

- Police received a report of a knife fight between multiple individuals behind a store. Officers did locate three men with knives who denied fighting with one another but admitted to smoking a lot of marijuana. Police found no evidence of a crime.

- Officers intervened in a fight between two women that had escalated after one women allegedly threw a jar of salsa at the other.

- Officers located a man who had an outstanding warrant. On contact, the man tried to disguise himself and walk away; the ruse was unsuccessful and he was arrested.

Sept. 25

- Police received multiple calls about a woman exposing herself at a busy intersection. Officers contacted the woman, who denied such activity.

- Officers responded to a pizza restaurant where a man allegedly stole a bottle of water. Police found the man half-dressed and noticeably under the influence of drugs, and referred him for medical evaluation. While being prepared for transport to hospital, the suspect ran into traffic on a busy street. He was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct.

- A woman asked police to take her to the hospital after drinking too much coffee.

Sept. 26

- A man reported that his roommate choked him after he asked to turn down the television. Officers are investigating.

- A grocery store employee reported the theft of approximately $100 worth of meat.

- While a police officer was writing a traffic citation for expired tags, the driver exited the vehicle and began walking away from the location. He further refused to comply with officer commands to stop, explaining that he had places to go. The officer transported him to jail for interfering with a police officer.

Sept. 27

- A hospital called police after a woman left the hospital with an IV still in her arm.

- An officer broke up a fight between two men, one of whom became confrontational with the officer. The alleged instigator was arrested for disorderly conduct but apologized for being aggressive toward the police.

- Police intervened in two separate incidents in which individuals had intentionally taken, or threatened to take, excessive amounts of pills to end their lives. During the week, Forest Grove Police responded to five suicide calls, including one completed suicide and four that resulted in hospitalizations.

Sept. 28

- Police were called after a group of students allegedly attacked a teacher in their classroom. The situation had resolved by the time police arrived and the students were sent home for the day.

- A property manager located a mattress, television, VCR and several B-rated 80s VHS tapes behind the location. Officers will conduct an after-hours investigation to determine the film buff's identity.

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