During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 497 incidents, both reported and self-initiated

               Sept. 29

- A woman reported that she was allegedly assaulted by her roommate. Upon police arrival, the roommate jumped out of a window and tried, unsuccessfully, to evade police. Although she continued to resist, she was arrested and taken to jail.

- Officers took a report of a stolen wallet, passport and iPad from a vehicle. Some of the items were recovered later in the day and returned to the owner.

- A caller reported seeing a man stumble down a road and get into a vehicle in the middle of the night. Officers were unable to locate the man or vehicle.

Sept. 30

- A fast food restaurant employee reported that multiple teens were seen on top of a vehicle going through the drive-thru. Police were unable to locate the vehicle or teens.

- Night-shift officers checked on a man seen laying in the bike lane of a busy road, snoring loudly. Officers were able to wake the man who was extremely intoxicated and transported him to a detox facility for the remainder of the night.

- A grocery store the theft of several packages of meat. Officers were unable to locate the suspect, however, there appears to be no connection to the previous week's meat-heist.

Oct. 1

- A noticeably intoxicated woman called police to report that someone was selling trucks at her location. Officers believe the woman may have meant 'drugs' instead of 'trucks,' but they were unable to locate the caller.

- Officers broke up a fight between multiple juveniles at a local park during which one individual threatened the others with a gun. Officers completed a search of the individual's person and vehicle and did not locate a firearm. All parties were advised of possible charges if they chose to continue their dispute. They all went on their separate way without further incident.

- The owner of a restaurant reported that someone was living in their vehicle and leaving human excrement at the location's parking lot. Officers instructed the man to leave the premises, which he did.

Oct. 2

- A caller found more than 80 items of clothing still with price tags from a second-hand store outside an local business.

- Police contacted a man seen walking down a street with a knife and can of pepper spray talking to himself. The same man was reported a short while later with the knife to his throat. The man told officers that he was simply out for a walk and scratching his neck. Officers determined that while the behavior was odd, he was not a threat to himself or others.

Oct. 3

- A man called police after his father was allegedly struck with a tiki torch by a neighbor in a heated argument over dog poop.

- As a night-shift officer was stopping a vehicle for a traffic violation, the vehicle's passenger exited while the vehicle was still moving and the driver sped off. Police found the vehicle a few blocks away still running and the driver was located soon after hiding near a local church. He was arrested for multiple offenses.

- A woman reported that children from a nearby apartment complex were throwing glass into her back yard.

Oct. 4

- A caller reported a suspicious man leaving his neighbor's backyard carrying a large black bag and box. Officers contacted a man matching the description as well as the neighbor and learned that the bag and boxes were a gift, not stolen.

- A woman called police to report that a 'neo-Nazi' was planning a satanic Christmas celebration and may have had connections to bombs in Portland. Police believe the woman was experiencing a mental health crisis.

- A business reported that a recently terminated employee was trying to extort money by threatening to reveal sensitive company information. Police are investigating.

Oct. 5

- Police received reports of suspicious amounts of foot traffic coming in and out of a location. Officers learned that the family at the residence had just welcomed a newborn and were receiving visitors.

- A caller reported overhearing a woman yell that she had been robbed and that a man was seen nearby holding a wallet. Police learned that it was simply a boyfriend teasing his girlfriend. The wallet was returned.

- Officers located a vehicle seen driving erratically along the highway. The driver admitted to rolling cigarettes while driving. He was advised to keep his hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

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