What were Washington County Sheriff's Office Deputies assigned to Banks up to in September? Find out this the Banks police log

- A man was arrested at Banks Billiards for trying to sell drugs to an off-duty policeman. He was arrested.

- Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between a father and son on Northwest Wilkes Street. No crimes occurred. The son agreed to leave for the night.

- A window pane was broken at Banks City Hall. It's unknown whether it was accidental or intentional. There is currently no suspect information.

- A man walked into the Banks Fire Station and said he was feeling suicidal. He was taken into protective custody and transported to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center for evaluation.

- Someone knocked a newspaper box off its post on Northwest Wilkes Street. It was previously held on by duct tape.

- A caller on Jarvis Place told police that her four-year-old grandson was "showing sexual tendencies." Officers generated a report and forwarded it to the Department of Human Services.

- A bike was stolen from a front porch on Northwest Oak Way.

n Someone rummaged through four unlocked vehicles on Ashton Drive, Buckshire Street and Oak Way. A laptop was stolen out of one of the cars.

- A caller said he left his wallet on the MAX train. His credit card company reported that his card was now being used in Forest Grove.

- A man backed into another vehicle intentionally on Northwest Sunset Avenue. Officers contacted the parties, who agreed to handle the matter.

- Officers received reports of children harassing and bullying other children in Greenville City Park. There were reports of fighting after school. The children, parents and schools were all contacted. Officers determined no crimes occurred.

- A child reported that other children hit him and pushed him off his bike on Main Street, telling him that bike belonged to another child and that it had been stolen a few weeks prior. The matter is still under investigation.

- Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between a man and woman on Northwest Broadshire Lane.

- A boy was making suicidal threats on Northwest Trellis Way. The boy was taken into protective custody and transported to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center to be evaluated.

- Five smartphones were found on Northwest Main Street and appeared to have been damaged on purpose. None were reported stolen. A theft victim's information was on one of the phones. Officers contacted him.

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