During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 385 activities, both reported and self-initiated

               Nov. 10

- Police received a report of a semi-truck fleeing a scene after striking and nearly severing a utility pole near Hawthorne Street. The driver admitted that he had fled and was cited for hit and run.

- A woman reported her purse had been stolen. While taking her statement, officers noticed she was carrying a book bag and suggested she do a quick scan of the contents and she found the purse within. No crime was committed.

- A caller reported that teens were seen in the area after curfew breaking things. Officers found no teens or damage besides a smashed pumpkin that was found upon arrival.

Nov. 11

- A woman flagged down an officer to report that a cult was operating in a field near the location and had left bodies and blood scattered in the area. The officers initially found nothing unusual in the area; however, officers followed up with her on a second call and found her wearing a surgical mask and holding a bag full of what were later determined to be animal bones, but no criminal or suspicious activity.

- Officers were diffusing a fight between a couple when they heard tires screech nearby and witnessed a man on a bicycle get hit by a car in a busy intersection. The man was unharmed.

Nov. 12

- Workers at a construction site reported a suspicious man had broken into a trailer at the location. Officers contacted and detained the man; however, it was later determined that the project manager had allowed the man to live in the onsite trailer. The man was released, but was cited for possession of methamphetamine that officers found on his person.

- Officers contacted a man seen laying on the ground half-dressed in front of a local bar. The man was extremely intoxicated and was taken to a detox facility.

- A night shift officer stopped a man on a bicycle seen weaving through alleys in the downtown area who was not using any sort of lights or reflective gear. It just so happened that the man had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was taken to jail.

Nov. 13

- Officers assisted a man who came home to find his garage door and main entry from the garage to the house wide open. The officers found no evidence of suspicious or criminal activity and suspect the recent windstorms may have been a factor.

- A caller reported two subjects had allegedly stolen a package off his porch. The homeowner chased the subjects with his wheelchair and was able to provide suspect information that led to the arrest of one of the men. The FGPD has recently seen an increase in the number of porch thefts and remind residents to take precaution when having items delivered to their door.

- A woman reported a fraudulent Craigslist ad that was using her personal information.

Nov. 14

- Police received multiple reports from different restaurants and bars of a woman using counterfeit low-denomination bills. Officers located the suspect attempting to use a fake bill at an establishment and also learned she had an outstanding warrant. She was arrested.

- A woman reported two unknown men standing outside her residence, one of whom was holding a large firearm. Officers learned the man was simply showing the other his gun, and there was no evidence of any suspicious or criminal activity.

- Tillamook dispatch contacted FGPD regarding a man who had made suicidal statements and was believed to be in Forest Grove. Police found his vehicle on Main Street and shortly after received a call from a local bar that the same man was hiding under the sound equipment at the location. The man insisted it was a misunderstanding and denied any suicidal ideation.

Nov. 15

- A fast food manager called police after a customer threatened an employee for confronting him for filling his free water cup with soda. Officers trespassed the man from the location.

- A caller reported that multiple turkeys were in the street in a residential area. The owner was contacted and asked to round up the fowl.

- A woman called police to report that someone was using microwave beams to injure her, asking that an experienced officer intervene. Officers provided her with information for mental health resources.

Nov. 16

- The FGPD received even more calls regarding package thefts from doorsteps.

- A caller reported that their neighbors were out of town and had left their dogs outside in the rain and cold. Officers found two dogs in the yard roped up and one unable to reach food or shelter to get out of the weather. The officer moved the dog and food dish to a shed on the property.

- While on patrol, a night shift officer noticed a woman known to have multiple warrants out for her arrest exit a vehicle in a residential area. The officer was taking the woman into custody when she asked if she could contact a friend, who also had a warrant out for her arrest, to bring her a cigarette. On arrival, the friend was subsequently taken into custody for an outstanding warrant as well.

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