During the week, Forest Grove police officers engaged in more than 402 activities, both reported and self-initiated

                 Nov. 17

- Police received a report that two boxes of caulking were stolen from a construction site.

- Officers contacted a man seen talking to a shrub near a shopping center. The man explained that he was looking for sniper positions while waiting for the bus. Police contacted the same man sometime later for activating a flashing cross-walk at random, blocking traffic on a busy street. He was instructed to cease and desist, which he did without incident.

- A man called police after an individual he met on a dating site claimed to be a minor, despite originally claiming to be a consenting adult, and threatened to turn him in unless he paid her a large sum of money. Officers explained that this is a known scam.

Nov. 18

- Forest Grove officers assisted Oregon State Police and Washington County Sherriff's Office with a routine traffic stop that had escalated into a fight and ultimately led to the recovery an individual who had been reported as a runaway from Forest Grove.

- A woman came to the police station to report that she had been robbed, burned and kidnapped, and requested officers help find her phone. Officers believe she was under the influence of drugs, which contributed to her altered state.

- Officers performed an area check after a man reported his vehicle stolen. After speaking to some of the man's sober friends, officers determined that the vehicle was in fact not stolen, but had been left outside town when the driver ran out of gas and hitched a ride.

Nov. 19

- Police responded to a local gas station where two customers were allegedly fighting because an attendant helped one person ahead of the other. On arrival, officers found a small fender bender; all parties exchanged information and went on their way.

- A restaurant employee reported an intoxicated man was causing a scene at the location, threatening to fight other customers. Officers instructed the man to leave and not return. Officers returned to the location sometime later where the same man was again causing a scene and acting uncooperatively and belligerent. He was arrested.

Nov. 20

- Officers responded to a scene where a 911 hang-up call had originated. Police located a young teen who had crashed his bicycle and suffered injuries. He was transported to the hospital for medical attention.

- A man called police after his daughter's ex-boyfriend "busted the door" into their apartment. Officers found no damage to the door and learned the ex was still on the lease and had every right to be at the location.

- A woman reported that a child had showed up at her residence and asked to live with her. An officer contacted the youth who said he had an argument with his mother and wanted to leave. Officers reunited the child with his mother.

Nov. 21

- Police received a report of a suspicious person seen acting erratically and looking into business windows along a busy street. Officers contacted the man who admitted to drug use, which was a violation of his probation. He was arrested.

- A night-shift officer was on patrol when he spotted a man with multiple outstanding warrants standing outside a local bar. The man immediately ran inside and locked himself in a restroom stall. Despite his barricade attempts, he was subsequently arrested without incident.

- A caller reported seeing an unknown person use a crowbar to break into their neighbor's house. Officers arrived and found a contractor who was doing work on the residence.

Nov. 22

- A local bar reported that multiple individuals were using drugs in the bathroom. Officers contacted the parties, who denied drug use and consented to a search. While officers did not find any evidence of drugs on their persons or vehicle, they did find a white powdery substance on the back of a toilet which tested positive for cocaine. The subjects were trespassed from the location.

- Officers responded to a request for assistance from Pacific University Campus Public Safety officers regarding a person who had been previously trespassed. The subject was given multiple opportunities to leave the campus before being escorted from the campus and issued a citation for Criminal Trespass.

Nov. 23

- A bus driver called police after he could not wake an unconscious rider. Officers were able to wake the man who explained he was trying to get to Gresham. He was asked to get off the bus, which he did without incident.

- A caller reported finding an unsupervised toddler walking into traffic at a busy intersection. Officers contacted the caller who had taken the child into their car for safety. Officers canvassed the area and located the mother who had not yet noticed the child missing. She was issued a citation for child neglect.

- Officers responded to multiple fights, some which had escalated to physical altercations, at different residences and public locations.

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