This week's calls include: a 'bloody' bathroom, a Pokemon battle and the Defender of Gotham.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 383 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Feb. 16

• A hotel employee reported that their public bathroom was covered in blood after two non-guests had used the facility. Officers determined the substance to be red hair dye and located the two individuals nearby. They were trespassed from the location.

• A bank employee reported that a customer came in upset about an apparent malfunction of the ATM and making suspicious statements about jail and returning to the location. Officers were unable to determine the source of the man's frustration, but the customer's money was refunded and he went on his way.

• A caller reported the theft of cologne and an auxiliary cable from their vehicle overnight.

Saturday, Feb. 17

• A caller reported two suspicious men hunkered in a doorway. Officers found two men engaged in a heated "Pokemon Go" battle.

• Night shift officers received a report of suspicious activity and unusual foot traffic near a residence late at night. Officers located a house party full of college students, who immediately dispersed on police arrival.

• A caller reported a neighbor was dumping yard debris onto city property. Officers contacted the neighbor and advised of city ordinances regarding littering. The neighbor agreed to clean it up.

Sunday, Feb. 18

• A day shift officer was on patrol when he spotted a suspicious vehicle behind a shopping center, occupied by a man known to police as having several warrants out for his arrest. The man was taken to jail.

• A man reported his rather intoxicated brother was urinating on the floor and furniture and refusing to leave. Police helped the brother move along.

• Swing shift officers broke up a fight between a boyfriend and girlfriend over relationship issues.

Monday, Feb. 19

• Police received a report of a group of juveniles throwing rocks at a building. Officers located a group of kids who were playing with some pine cones.

• A man called police to report being punched in the face by his father. Officers located the men and found no evidence of injury to the son. They did find, however, that the father had a restraining order against his son; the son was arrested for violating the order.

• An assisted living facility reported a suspicious man sleeping on a bench in the entryway to the building. Officers contacted the very intoxicated man and trespassed him from the location.

Tuesday, Feb. 20

• Police were notified that Batman was outside of the police station, wearing throwing stars and carrying weapons. Officers located a local teenager who was, indeed, dressed as the Caped Crusader and out for a walk since school had been cancelled. No bat-weapons were found on the Dark Knight's belt, and he continued on his way.

• Police received multiple calls regarding a physical altercation near Pacific Avenue. Officers located one individual matching the description who offered no information to police except that it was "a gentlemen's argument over property."

• A driver called police to report a vehicle swerving into oncoming traffic and slamming on brakes. Officers located the vehicle and succeeded in pulling over the driver, who was determined to be under the influence of a mix of alcohol and prescription anxiety medication.

Wednesday, Feb. 21

• A caller reported witnessing a vehicle slide off the road and crash into a parked car, and that the driver was attempting to leave the scene. Officers located the driver, who admitted to being under the influence of marijuana, prescription drugs and possibly methamphetamine. He was arrested.

• Police contacted a woman reportedly screaming, crying, and disturbing patrons at the city library. The woman explained she was simply having a bad day and left the location.

Thursday, Feb. 22

• Police received multiple reports of stolen lawn ornaments, patio decorations, and outdoor furniture accessories from a residential area of town. Officers are investigating.

• A caller reported two individuals smoking marijuana in the parking lot of a marijuana dispensary.

• Police contacted a man seen lying In the street next to a pickup truck in the middle of the night. Officers learned the man had borrowed the vehicle but locked the keys inside, and that he was tired out from attempting to gain entry. He was advised to nap somewhere other than the public right of way.

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