This week's calls include: a 'cabin' that wasn't for rent, a fiery hitchhiker and a mad dog.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 411 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, March 2

• A live-in care facility reported the possible theft of several milliliters of morphine.

• A caller reported finding a note from an individual who wanted to rent a small cabin on the caller's property, as well as a beer can inside the "cabin" — which was actually a dog house currently unavailable for rent. Officers conducted extra patrols to find the prospective lodger.

• Officers responded to a local tavern where a woman, possibly intoxicated, attempted to dance on the bar and fell off. She was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Saturday, March 3

• Police assisted a man who had given a stranger a courtesy ride to the store only to have his vehicle catch fire when a butane torch hidden in the stranger's backpack ignited. The fire was determined to be an accident.

• Night shift officers located two men seen breaking into vehicles along Main Street. The men initially ran, but officers apprehended and arrested both.

• A caller reported that a vehicle had pulled into their driveway and was looking at their house. Officers explained the incident might have been related to the "for sale" sign in their front yard. No vehicle matching the description was located.

Sunday, March 4

• After conducting surveillance of the Grand Lodge and a suspicious moving van seen near Highway 47 that had attempted to elude officers earlier in the morning, officers executed a search warrant at the hotel and on the moving van. The search warrant was part of an investigation into several cases of fraud. During the search of the hotel room, multiple items related to manufacturing credit cards, as well as extensive evidence of identity theft, were located. Officers subsequently arrested the man and he was taken to jail on multiple charges.

• Night shift officers located and arrested three separate individuals, each with outstanding warrants for various offenses, who were seen walking or riding bicycles around town. Two of the individuals attempted to elude police but were subsequently located. All were taken to jail.

Monday, March 5

• A caller reported a suspicious vehicle outside a marijuana dispensary late at night. Officers located a noticeably intoxicated woman in the driver's seat; she was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants.

• A convenience store employee reported a theft of beer in the middle of the night. Officers located two individuals matching the suspect description in Cornelius shortly after. Police determined only one of the individuals had participated in the theft; the responsible party was arrested.

• A caller reported suspicious individuals in an unmarked pickup cutting tree limbs off her property, who speeded away when the caller arrived home. Officers are conducting extra patrol in the area.

Tuesday, March 6

• Police responded to a location where a suspicious person, possibly under the influence of drugs, was trying to gain entry into a residence and had urinated on the front porch. Officers found a very intoxicated, disoriented man who was attempting to get home; police transported the man to a detox facility and cited him for public excretion.

• Officers checked on a residence at the request of the owner when the house alarms had been triggered. The location was found secure; however, officers were cornered by a none-too-pleased bulldog. Police used diversion tactics to escape the angry canine.

Wednesday, March 7

• Police contacted a man seen going through garbage bins and stealing soda cans in a residential area, threatening residents when they advised they would contact law enforcement. The man was arrested for theft and menacing.

• A motorist reported a road worker had been impaled with a pole while doing a survey on Highway 47. Officers found all workers safe and sound.

• A caller reported multiple suspicious vehicles and RVs parked near a storage center. Officers found the RV's owner and a friend attempting to revive a dead battery.

Thursday, March 8

• A caller reported a neighbor's garbage can had been toppled by the wind sending trash around the street, and further requested that officers come clean it up. Their request was declined.

• A man reported that his adult son was destroying things inside their residence. On the father's request, no charges were filed, but the man was instructed to leave, which he did without incident.

• A night shift officer spotted a vehicle driving erratically down Pacific Avenue where it nearly crashed into a parked car. The driver's blood alcohol content was determined to be well over the legal limit and he was arrested for DUII.

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