This week's calls include: a very early driving lesson, a suspicious death and second-hand alterations.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 504 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, March 16

• Police responded to a two-vehicle crash at a busy intersection. Officers found the at-fault, unlicensed driver had failed to obey the traffic signal in an unsuccessful attempt to beat another vehicle across the way.

• A caller reported hearing screaming from a neighboring apartment. Officers located a mother and young son who were simply playing with one another, perhaps a little enthusiastically.

• TriMet reported a man passed out on the bus for two hours. Officers located a sober but sleepy man who was assisted in leaving the bus and directed toward a friend's house.

Saturday, March 17

• Police responded to the scene of a crash on a residential street where a man drove a vehicle through a fence and then fled the location. Officers located the individual who was experiencing a diabetic, medical emergency. Medical services arrived shortly after and the man recovered.

• Police received a report of a vehicle driving poorly near the outskirts of town. Officers located a small child, unable to see over the steering wheel, in the driver's seat with the child's father as a passenger. The father explained he was teaching the child to drive. Multiple citations ensued.

• Officers contacted a man seen looking into cars with a flashlight late at night. The man advised he lived at the location and was simply looking for his cat.

Sunday, March 18

• Police contacted a man seen slouched over at a bench near a busy intersection. Officers found a usable quantity of methamphetamine and prescription drugs on his person, and learned he had an outstanding warrant. He was arrested.

• A caller reported that multiple tools were stolen from an unlocked barn.

• A second-hand shop reported that an individual who had previously been trespassed from the location was back on the property. Officers contacted the individual who was, in fact, not the suspected trespasser, just an unfortunate doppelganger.

Monday, March 19

• Officers responded to an apartment complex where one neighbor allegedly menaced another with a knife, threatening to kill him. Officers located two individuals with a long history of disputes with each other, and no evidence to support the caller's story. The individuals separated for the night.

• Police performed a welfare check in an apartment whose tenant had not been seen in several days. Officers located the resident deceased inside the apartment, determining the circumstances to be suspicious. The investigation is ongoing.

• A caller reported that his mechanic did poor work on his vehicle and allegedly did not complete the services ordered. Police advised this was a civil matter.

Tuesday, March 20

• A caller reported an individual came to his door looking for drugs. Officers located a man matching the description in the area who explained that he was indeed looking for drugs, but told police that he was tired of being a burglar and thief and wanted to become a productive member of the community. Officers explained that use of narcotics might be a hindrance to this endeavor.

• A salon reported that a man did not pay for his pedicure. Officers located the individual from the previous call who advised he believed the first pedicure was free. He was incorrect in his assumption and cited for theft.

• Officers located an individual with memory issues in returning to his care facility where he had been reported missing.

Wednesday, March 21

• A caller reported a suspicious vehicle parked near the barber pole at Lincoln Park, possibly involved in illicit drug activity. Officers located a man waiting for his son, and no evidence of criminal activity.

• Police received multiple calls about a vehicle driving erratically near Highway 47. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

• A caller reported a man walking around an industrial area carrying a knife and messing around with security keypads on gates. Officers were unable to locate anyone in the area but continue to monitor the area.

Thursday, March 22

• A liquor store employee reported a woman had threatened to take several items before leaving the store. Officers found her at a store nearby and trespassed her from the establishment. The same woman was reported a short time later at a second-hand store where she was found writing "sold" on merchandise. She was trespassed from the second location as well.

• A woman contacted the department to ask if an officer would speak to her son regarding options for attending college in the fall. An officer happily obliged.

• Night shift officers responded to an assisted living community where a resident reported a suspicious individual attempting to open her sliding door. Police located a security officer patrolling and checking doors in the area.

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