This week's calls include: a wardrobe malfunction, Yelp harassment and the 'Protective Police.'

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 386 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, March 23

• A caller reported an RV rolling down a major road dumping sewage. Police were unable to locate the vehicle or any evidence of spilled waste.

• A store employee reported a man had collapsed after allegedly huffing from a bottle of compressed air. Officers found the man awake and alert on arrival; the man refused medical transport and was trespassed from the location.

• A man reported that a convenience store sold him fake lottery scratch tickets because they were misshapen and known to be losing tickets. He was advised that this was unlikely and asked to move along.

Saturday, March 24

• A store employee reported a customer who was acting strange and aggressive and refusing to leave. Officers contacted the man and trespassed him from the location. A short while later, police received a report of the same man inside a second-hand store sleeping soundly on a sofa inside the location. Officers woke the man and sent him on his way, trespassing him from the second location as well.

• Officers contacted a man seen allegedly exposing himself and obstructing traffic along Pacific Avenue. The man was found to be extremely high on illicit substances and unable to operate his trousers correctly; he was provided a ride to jail.

• A woman reported her boyfriend had texted her stating he was about to commit homicide, further advising that he would kill the police as well if she called for assistance. Officers responded to the location and were able to take the man into custody on a peace officer hold.

Sunday, March 25

• A man reported the theft of his prescription medication.

• A caller reported that her ex-husband was refusing to follow a parenting plan that a judge had put in place. Police advised this was a civil matter.

• Police received a report of a suspicious person wearing scrubs and a head wrap crawling in bark dust outside a liquor store. Officers were unable to locate anyone matching the description.

Monday, March 26

• A man reported that he had left a bad Yelp review for a local establishment and was now being harassed by employees from the shop.

• A man reported that he had been drugged at a local bar during a St. Patrick's Day celebration a week prior, advising that he drank a significant amount and felt unwell the following morning. Officers advised that drinking heavily may have contributed to his condition.

• Night shift officers located a man known to police as having an outstanding warrant walking along Pacific Avenue. The man identified himself initially but changed his story during his transport to jail and provided a different name. Unfortunately for him, that alias also had a warrant. Providing false information was added to his charge.

Tuesday, March 27

• Officers contacted an individual who set up camp inside the back doorway of the Forest Grove police station. The individual was instructed to move along.

• Forest Grove police assisted Washington County deputies in detaining a man who threatened his roommate with a gun.

• A caller reported that someone identifying themselves as the "Protective Police" had knocked on their door in the middle of the night. Officers advised that they had not attempted to contact the caller, nor does anyone from the FGPD use that title.

Wednesday, March 28

• Officers responded to a senior care community where a resident had become combative and violent. He was taken to the hospital. Shortly after, police responded to a separate care center where an individual had become combative while receiving medical attention from Forest Grove Fire & Rescue.

• A caller reported a suspicious person walking around a residential area looking into the back of vehicles early in the morning. Officers were unable to locate anyone matching the description.

Thursday, March 29

• A caller reported that two juveniles had been locked out of their apartment and that their parent did not get home until late at night. With a little creativity and a broom, an officer assisted the pair in retrieving a spare key on the roof.

• Police received multiple reports of package theft, including items taken from porches and outgoing items taken from mailboxes. Officers are investigating.

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