This week's calls include: a wreck leading to a recovered gun, a phantom brawl and Willie Nelson.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 360 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, April 6

• A woman reported the theft of several home appliances while in the process of moving.

• Night shift officers responded to a crash at the intersection of Pacific Avenue and B Street. While at the crash site, another vehicle sped through the intersection, nearly hitting the officer directing traffic. At a high rate of speed, the driver passed two patrol vehicles with lights flashing, as well as the large crash in the middle of the intersection, with no reduction in speed or evasive driving. Police stopped the driver, who was found to have a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit; she was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants and multiple other charges.

Saturday, April 7

• Officers stopped a vehicle that had been reported as a "rolling domestic" — a term used to describe a fight happening inside a moving vehicle. Police learned that it was only a verbal altercation between the couple over the husband's driving.

• Police were called to a disturbance where a driver hit a parked car and pushed it across the street into another vehicle, which then struck a third vehicle. The driver initially tried to leave the scene, but his vehicle was too damaged to drive. While alcohol was determined not to be a factor, officers did locate a stolen gun; the driver was taken to jail.

Sunday, April 8

• Police received a report that several ducks were in a parking lot, possibly headed toward a busy road.

• A caller reported receiving text messages from a friend indicating a possible suicide attempt. Officers were able to track down the sender and found the individual had ingested an unknown amount of pills; they were transported to the hospital on a peace officer's hold.

Monday, April 9

• A caller reported a scuffle being filmed in an alleyway involving more than a dozen high school students. Officers found no sign of teens matching the description or any evidence of a fight.

• Police responded to an altercation between a boyfriend and girlfriend. The boyfriend, who allegedly escalated the fight, was trespassed from the residence.

• Police checked on a suspicious item wrapped in a coat seen in the bushes near a residential intersection. The coat was gone when officers arrived, however, officers located a vehicle battery and motor oil, but nothing suspicious.

Tuesday, April 10

• Police responded to an assisted living community where a resident was allegedly intoxicated and attempting to assault employees. The man, noticeably intoxicated, explained that he just wanted to put on some Willie Nelson and go to bed. He was encouraged to do so.

• A caller reported a suspicious man wearing cowboy boots possibly selling drugs at a busy intersection. Officers located nobody disseminating drugs or wearing cowboy boots at the location.

• A caller reported that a man at the skate park was being rude to her. Officers contacted the man, who stated he was concerned that the woman was allowing small children on the skate pad, which he felt was a hazard. Officers advised both to be polite and share the space.

Wednesday, April 11

• A medical facility requested police check on a patient that left against medical advice. Officers located the individual, who was fine but just didn't want to be at the hospital any longer.

• A caller reported that a subject on a dating site had sent several checks, which were then cashed and the money used to purchase and ship a brand-new phone to South Africa. This is an example of a "sweetheart swindle" scam where individuals form relationships online and then request the victim send money or items of value, sometimes sending bogus checks to cover the cost, leaving the victim to foot the bill. The FGPD advises citizens to never send money or items of value to individuals you do not know personally.

• A woman reported that a computer and flat-screen television were stolen from their storage unit. Officers are investigating.

Thursday, April 12

• A hotel employee reported a box of ammunition had been left near the main entrance of the building. Officers learned it belonged to a hotel guest.

• Police contacted a woman seen walking between houses and peering in windows in a residential area. Officers determined she was experiencing mental health issues and provided her resource information and directions to the bus top.

• An auto supply shop reported finding a bag full of a black tarry substance. Police determined it to be a marijuana dab and disposed of the item.

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