This week's calls include: fake plastic guns, a helmet-less skateboarder and un-remembered stolen items.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 398 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, April 27

• A local business reported that a previous owner had come into the establishment multiple times claiming ownership of inventory, asserting the right to sell merchandise and return to the location whenever he wanted. Officers told the man not to return and explained that selling merchandise he did not own could result in an arrest for fraud. 

• A caller reported multiple juveniles in matching uniforms shooting off fake guns in a shopping center. Officers located several members of a high school band playing with toy orange-tipped plastic guns as they made their way to the university. Police wished them good luck on their performance.

• Night shift officers responded to a location where a man allegedly threw a rock at car, causing damage. The man explained he acted in self-defense and felt threatened by the owner of the car. The man was arrested for criminal mischief and found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia. He was taken to jail.

Saturday, April 28

• A patrol officer noticed a person kneeling beside a ditch near a busy road. On contact, the officer found a second individual lying face down in the ditch. The individual explained they had received some unpleasant news earlier in the day and had a few drinks in consolation. They were transported to the hospital.

• A man, noticeably under the influence, came into the police station to speak to an officer about trying to stay clean, but he was concerned that officers were hiding in the bushes watching him. They were not.

Sunday, April 29

• A caller reported a juvenile wearing all black was carrying a skateboard up Forest Gale Drive and was concerned the youth was going to ride down the steep street without a helmet. Officers were unable to find anyone matching the description.

• Officers located a youth who had run off from home upset that his parents were arguing.

• Police attempted to locate a suspicious man reportedly riding along a street in a residential area opening recycling bins. Officers found no one in the area matching the description.

Monday, April 30

• A caller reported their roommate had stolen a large amount of money from the caller's room. The roommate admitted to taking the cash, and the caller opted not to press charges in exchange for the roommate paying the money back.

• Police received multiple calls regarding a slow-moving vehicle taking pictures of houses in a residential area. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle but are investigating.

• Officers stopped a man for a traffic violation along Main Street only to learn the man had an outstanding felony warrant. He was taken to jail.

Tuesday, May 1

• While conducting a premise check, officers located two individuals camping on private property near the edge of town as well as a number of items that had been reported stolen earlier in the week. One of the subjects admitted to breaking into vehicles earlier in the week but advised he "blacks out a lot" and couldn't remember further details. He was taken to jail; the other was cited and released.

• A caller reported that one of her sons beat up his younger brother. Officers found no evidence of injury or crime, but they did provide the youths a stern warning.

Wednesday, May 2

• Officers responded to a fast food restaurant where a man was reported inside mumbling about burning a woman's car and refusing to leave. Police believed the man was experiencing mental health issues and provided him with information and a bus pass to a mental health resource center in Hillsboro; he was trespassed from the restaurant.

• Police transported two separate individuals to the hospital for suicidal attempts and ideation. Throughout the week, officers responded to six calls of individuals making suicidal statements.

• A caller reported a suspicious vehicle had followed her home and pulled into her apartment complex. While the vehicle was gone on police arrival, officers found the caller had an outstanding warrant. She was taken to jail.

Thursday, May 3

• A parent reported locating a large amount of marijuana in their teenage daughter's bedroom. Despite claims that she was only going to sell, rather than use, the stash, officers seized the drugs and referred the youth to juvenile services.

• Officers located a large amount of stolen property in connection with a break-in at a storage facility. Multiple men were arrested; the investigation is ongoing. 

• An anonymous caller reported hearing yelling and banging against the wall late at night in a neighboring apartment. On arrival, police found only a normal conversation between the occupants, who denied any sort of argument or raised voices.

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