This week's calls include: an argument leading to a crash, a sneaky toddler and not-free firewood.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 417 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, May 25

• Police received a report that a man, previously trespassed from the location, was inside a business wielding a knife and threatening customers. Officers located and arrested the man outside the establishment.

• A caller reported that a man was at her apartment demanding the return of a set of tools and other personal items the man reportedly gave to the caller. Officers were able to sort out the situation and the man left upon request.

Saturday, May 26

• Police were called to a location on the outskirts of town where a man had reportedly fired a shot at a suspicious person seen entering the man's vehicle. Officers arrived and found no evidence of a car break-in and believed the man to have been under the influence of alcohol. The situation was then turned over to Washington County deputies due to the location of the incident.

• Officers responded to a local store where the door had been smashed in and the cash register emptied. Police are investigating.

• A caller reported a vehicle had struck a parked car and fled the scene. Police found a vehicle matching the description nearby and the driver to have a blood alcohol content of more than twice the legal limit. He was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Sunday, May 27

• A caller reported a woman walking down the street yelling and cursing loudly. Officers found the woman on her phone having a heated discussion with her boyfriend. She was asked to quiet down.

• Night shift officers responded to crash site where a vehicle had run into a tree. Police found the driver and passenger to be unharmed and unimpaired; the parties admitted to being engaged in a heated argument prior to the accident. The driver was cited for multiple offenses.

• A caller reported a fight between multiple individuals in the middle of the street late at night. Officers were unable to locate anyone matching the description in the area.

Monday, May 28

• A night shift officer found a man loitering and acting suspicious near a closed business late at a night. On police contact, the man initially ran but was unable to elude the officer. He was found to be high on methamphetamine and arrested on multiple charges.

• A caller reported a small child walking down the road in a residential area. Officers located the parents up the street, who explained the toddler likes to sneak out of the house and likely found an unlocked door. Officer advised that parents should consider locking all doors at all times.

• Police contacted a man seen stumbling along a bike path. The man advised he had consumed marijuana for the first time in decades and was noticeably feeling the effects. He was evaluated by medical and released to his wife.

Tuesday, May 29

• A woman reported that her teenage daughter had broken into her sister's locked bedroom and stolen several items. The daughter was referred to the juvenile department for burglary and criminal mischief.

• A caller reported the theft of firewood from his residence. Officers were able to track down the responsible parties who were under the impression the firewood was free. After sorting out the misunderstanding, the firewood was paid for and the incident resolved.

• A restaurant reported graffiti inside the restroom at the location. Officers are investigating.

Wednesday, May 30

• While on patrol, a night shift officer spotted a vehicle believed to be associated with individuals selling methamphetamine turning into a residential area. Officers stopped the vehicle and discovered the driver to have an outstanding felony warrant and the passenger to be in possession of an assortment of illegal substances. Both were arrested.

• A man reported that his girlfriend and her brother were trying to kick through his bedroom door to attack him. On officer contact, each of the involved parties who agreed to calm down and go their separate ways.

• Officers responded to a care facility where a resident had become combative with staff. Medical services arrived to attend to the man, who was ultimately transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Thursday, May 31

• A man reported that his wife was allegedly driving erratically and had crashed into a trash can at the location, further advising she may have been experiencing a mental health crisis. On police contact, the woman requested police assistance in ending her life; she was taken into custody for her own safety and transported to the hospital.

• Officers responded to a fight between two roommates and a guest in which the guest allegedly threatened one of the roommates with a screwdriver. The instigating party was cited for menacing and trespassed from the location, while the other parties agreed to separate for the night and look into landlord/tenant options in the morning.

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