This week's calls include: a challenge to 'combat,' an MMO argument and an arrest at the station.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 491 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, June 1

• Police received several calls about a man in a store fighting with employees, allegedly biting the manager. On arrival, the suspect threw a battery pack at an officer; the officer, undeterred, promptly arrested the suspect. He was taken to jail.

• A caller reported a suspicious vehicle parked near an apartment complex. Officers contacted the driver, who had run out of gas and been stuck at the location all day. Police assisted the man in procuring fuel so he could be on his way.

• A caller reported a man lying near one of the memorials in the cemetery at night. Officers were unable to locate anyone, human or paranormal, at the location.

Saturday, June 2

• Officers responded to a reported fight between a man and a woman near a local hotel. On arrival, a man became confrontational with police, inviting an officer to "engage in combat" with him. Police learned shortly after that the man had only been a bystander and that the subjects had left the location. Officers were unable to locate the couple.

• A man reported his neighbor was hitting golf balls into his yard and house. Officers canvassed the area but found no evidence of foul play.

• A patrol officer spotted a vehicle in which the occupants appeared to be in a physical altercation. On contact, the officer found the couple was simply engaged in a heated verbal argument. They were advised to drive safely and sent on their way.

Sunday, June 3

• A caller reported hearing screaming and fighting, possibly involving a child, coming from a neighbor's residence. Police located two brothers in a verbal argument over the popular online multiplayer game "Fortnite." The officer asked the boys to quiet down, further advising that "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" might result in fewer family squabbles. Mission complete.

• A woman reported that her roommate had stolen car wash tokens and left pepperoni in her car. She was provided information on the eviction process.

• While on a routine premise check, a night shift officer noticed a pair of feet under the door of a restroom stall and found a man attempting to hide a stash of methamphetamine. He was arrested.

Monday, June 4

• A woman came into the police department to inquire as to whether she had an outstanding warrant. She did, and she was promptly arrested.

• While on patrol, an officer saw a man with an outstanding warrant crossing a busy street. The man attempted to evade police but was unsuccessful, and despite resisting, he was ultimately arrested on multiple offenses.

• A caller reported a large group of teenagers acting suspiciously near one of the elementary schools. Officers found several youths who were taking photographs and videos as part of celebrating the end of the school year.

Tuesday, June 5

• Police received a report that several drivers had stopped along a busy road to check on what appeared to be an abandoned baby stroller with a baby inside, creating a traffic hazard. Officers located the stroller and a baby doll, as well as a child nearby who had been playing with the items. The toys were moved from the location.

• Forest Grove police assisted Washington County deputies at a domestic dispute in Cornelius involving a man with several warrants out for his arrest. On contact, the man became combative to the point of injuring a deputy but was ultimately subdued. He was arrested.

Wednesday, June 6

• Officers and Forest Grove Fire & Rescue responded to a small fire in a residential area, in which an allegedly intoxicated woman forgot about her dinner on the stove. The woman was transported to the hospital for medical evaluation.

• A caller reported multiple minors drinking beer behind a building on Pacific Avenue. Officers located two juveniles and a man, who admitted to acquiring the beer, which was a probation violation, as well sharing with the youth. The man was arrested and the juveniles cited as minors in possession.

• A woman reported that her husband was very late in coming home and was not answering phone calls. A quick check revealed that the man had been arrested by Washington County deputies earlier in the day.

Thursday, June 7

• A caller reported that a man came to his apartment to announce that he had been sent from the capital to get an apartment, further advising he was trained in butterfly knives. Officers were unable to locate the man.

• A woman called police when her credit card was stolen and used at several businesses around town. Officers were able to identify a suspect using video surveillance and found the man walking along Main Street. He was arrested on several charges. Officers located a woman believed to be associated with the suspect later in the day; she was also arrested on an outstanding warrant.

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